Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Adventure of the Day: Goodland's Post Office

Here's Jack, Levi and Isaac in front of Goodland's Post Office. It was our riveting adventure for the day. Just to show my wild side I drove my dead grandfather's old Toyoter pickup truck. The boys thought it was very cool.

The post office was built in 1934.
It hasn't changed much.
Uh, in fact it hasn't changed at all.
There is a beautiful mural depicting um, buggy rides and kids and a scary old woman with a shawl.
The postmaster or maybe I should say postmistress, but that sounds a bit scandalous. Anyway, she went to high school with me and used to work for my dad. How weird is that?
And Clay? Honey, you should be very proud of me. I figured out how to load my pictures on Dad's computer all by my big self!


Rechelle said...

You forgot to say how adorable Jack is. "Your dead grandfather's truck???" SUrely there could have been a better way to say that.

cndymkr / jean said...

That post office looks like the one in Westwood. Now I'll have to go there and take a picture. But around here, they won't let you take pictures. In fact, they even have special bullet proof glass like banks use. At least at that post office. The one here in town is much more laid back.

Natalie said...

What IS up with the lady that looks like a witch in the mural?

Jenni said...

I like the mural--except for that scary old woman in the shawl. She is creepy!