Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Life on Coal Creek Farm with No TV!

Who misses TV?

"TV?  What's it taste like?"
"I'm just going over to Ramone's to check on his cable, uh, I meant cattle!"
Who needs TV?
"Seriously Mom, remember when we used to watch TV?  It seem like years ago.  I'm so bored."

Life is pretty sweet and quiet.

Photography graciously provided by my sweet friend at All Astonishment.


cndymkr / jean said...

The photos are great but the subject matter is even better.

Cynthia said...

I bought the 2 million dollar camera and my pics still look like I am using a disposable.

With my eyes closed.


Your kids are fabulous. Come over tonight and we will cook out over the campfire.....

Angie said...

Beautiful pics, beautiful kids.

Mylinda said...

Ok, I would like some details on your "rules" for the no-tv month. We're going to do this for the first time in August and don't know what to include and what not to include. Do you allow xbox/game system? Computer? Just getting ideas. You can comment here or on my blog. Thanks for the info. :-)

April said...

Hi Mylinda,

The rules are:

1. The TV is never turned on, so no game systems.

2. Computer time is limited, right now my computer isn't working so we only have internet access in the evening when Clay gets home with his computer. I like it that way, but I miss checking my me-mails.

3. If the kids go to a friend's house we say it's okay to watch TV, because we don't want to push our weirdness onto others.

That's about it. I think we've been doing this for eight or nine years. We always do it in June because all the shows we watch wrap up at the end of May, school gets out and it's not too brutally hot to play outside everyday. Then when July rolls around we are pretty much done with our rehab and not really needing a TV fix so the rest of the summer tends to go on without much TV too.

April said...


I hear ya. If I owned a nice camera I would never learn how to use it properly and all my photos would look pretty much like they do now.

amothersheartinwords said...

oh man! WHERE did you get the pedal tractor from?!?! (i'm in NC) I've looked everywhere (except the TV)

Love your blog. ness.