Sunday, June 15, 2008

Blogcasting from Goodland, KS

I hate long road trips. Hate them.

Every summer I make a trip 'out west' to visit my family. However, this year, since we live in the same state the annual summer treck has been trimmed down 5 hours. That doesn't make me like it anymore. No.

This year I stopped by Rechelle's house to pick up her kids. Along with my dad we lugged 8 kids across the beautiful state of Kansas. So, that would be me with 5 kids, Dad with 3 kids and Rechelle with no kids. What? Let's do that math again, me 5 kids, Dad 3 kids, Rechelle NO KIDS. Uh? What's wrong with that calculation sister? (go get me a present NOW!)

Moving on.

We took the older 5 kids to camp with their grandma, my mom, aka The Puppet Lady. My children are learning the fine art of puppetry. I know, I know, you're jealous, but remember in our society there are always a select few that have advantages that others don't. My children will always be able to stick a foam bodied doll with large plastic eyeballs on their arm and be able to 'bring it to life'. While some people will fondly speak of their childhood ballet lessons and English horseback riding, rock climbing seminars, water polo matches and science camp my children will have to humble themselves when mentioning their summer creative arts camp where they were instructed in leather crafts, painted ceramics, stood under the town water tower to get wet and best of all...learned puppetry from their grandma.

After dropping the 5 at camp we traveled another hour to my parents home. Here I am with three little boys and my dad. Hopefully, I'll be able to post the finer points of this side of the state.

This being the town I was raised in and having a meager population of 4500, it's pretty easy to run into folks you know. I've been here less than a day and so far I've seen: my high school typing teacher, one of Rechelle's classmates and the man who painted our house. All that from going to the gas station and Wal-Mart.

Stay tuned. I'll take you on a tour of Goodland, KS this week and by the end you will all want to make this your next pleasure destination.


Jessica said...

Wow. I'm jealous.

Of Rechelle. :-)

And your kids, what with the puppetry and all. :-P

Rechelle said...

April, I gotta tell you iI am miserable. I slept in, I stared vaguely into space, I played with the kitten, I drank coffee, I read 1700 blogs, I watered my flowers, and next I am going to do some antiquing. This is sheer hell. You with all those kids... you are the lucky one.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm... apparently, Rechelle is pretty darn smart.

Jenni said...

Holy carp! I didn't know there was anything west of Colby besides Colorado. That is out there. 4500 is a fair sized city for Kansas, isn't it?

mer said...


I know Goodland, Kansas well. We always stop and take a bathroom break there on our way from Colorado to Arkansas. :)

And how did you manage to end up with all the kiddos?

Ann said...

Make sure you go see the biggest ball of twine in the world. (Isn't that somewhere out there?)

Housewife Superstar said...

post some photos of the town will you? I'm dying to see it all.

Mrs. C said...

April, you need to go find the letterboxes I left in Goodie ville a couple of years ago.

This is the perfect thing to do with the kiddos. There are four in Goodland, so after you find those three, there is one more listed as a Kansas Mystery Box. But I know you'll be able to find it.

I realize you have no idea what I'm talking about and I'm starting to sound like a raving lunatic.

But seriously it's a legitimate hobby and a great way to pass the time.

April said...

Thanks Mrs. C! That does sound fun.