Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ramone is actually more famous than me.

How is it possible that my little 88 year old neighbor who only goes to town two times a week is more famous than me....THE GREATEST CHICKEN DOCTOR OF ALL TIME?!
Because, that is my life. People become better, more famous and skinnier by association with me. It's true. I swear. It's no lie. There have been studies and documentaries on this fact. Also, I never exaggerate.Oh, long, luscious, wispy, straggly bangs, how I miss thee flying in my eyeballs.

I was watching our local PBS station the other day and this older, Spanish man was talking about the history of the railroad here in our town. I laughed and called out to my family, "Hey! That guy looks a lot like Ramone!" Then I turned back to watch and by golly there was RAMONE on the TV!!! The other guy was his brother. They were both being interviewed because their father, grandfather and uncle were all part of building the railroad that came through Kansas. Ramone and his family lived in the Sante Fe housing complex and when he was old enough he went to work for Sante Fe RR.

I only caught the very end of the show, but I was amazed that Ramone was sitting in front of a camera all spit shined and hatless.

I walked over to talk to Ramone while he was watering his cattle and told him I saw him on TV and could I please have an autograph? He laughed at me and asked if I saw the part where he was singing La Cucaracha. No, I didn't.

Dang it. I missed the best part.

So, there ya have it. Ramone is a television star and I am just a lowly chicken doctor.

ps. I promise I won't mention my Ugly Betty big bangs again. Unless you want me to tell you about the dream I had that involved clippers and a zig zag buzz strip through the top of my scalp.


Stephanie in Idaho said...

April - I chuckle every time I read your blog... Well, except for the one about the empty high chair. I cried a little that day.

Nevertheless, you are FUNNY girl!

Southern Gal said...

Ramone looks like he's full of interesting stories. You should video him sometime and then he'll be REALLY famous!

By the way, my daddy, my granddaddy and my great-granddaddy all retired from the railroad here in the South. Sadly, my daddy is the only one living now. He's got all kinds of RR memorabilia. (That spelling doesn't look right so just pretend it's right, please.)

Your hair looks lovely in that picture.


Joy said...

Can we become better friends? I'd like some of that, "Skinnier than me" to rub off just by association.


Gladys said...

I love Ramone. I think you should video him singing The little cockroach and post it here.

Linda said...

I love meeting people like Ramone, it's cool that he's your neighbor. I bet he has some interesting tales to tell.

I don't think we've seen a photo of your Ugly Betty bangs, have we? Did I miss it? Cuz I'm thinking they can't be nearly as bad as you think they are. (this is coming from a gal who has a strand of hair that's not really bang and not really other hair either and it just does this flippy-doo thing and drives me insane. I've actually had my kids and friends touch it and try to straighten it with their fingers, it's that noticeable, and annoying!)

Jenni said...

You must drop what you are doing and interview Ramone. I know it is almost dark, and cold, and supper time, and......

But tomorrow first thing. Maybe?

Anonymous said...

This makes me miss Ginny, my 86 year old neighbor. She was such a character even though her mind was going by by. We would have the sweetest talks. She has been gone three years now.

And I won't even mention yer bangs.

Kathy b

Egghead said...

That is too great. Ramone famous! I love old people. But hey, chicken doctor is pretty good. Better than me!

Rhea said...

I think your hair looks great.

And Ramone is awesome. I think maybe you need to interview him for the blog.

Brindi said...

Ramone is cute.

Getting my hair cut next week - have decided firmly on bangs. You are going to make me change my mind!

grandmamargie said...

That is really a good picture of you, April. Very pretty.

Jennie said...

How cute is Ramone? I mean, you're pretty and funny and all but...look at him. I'm sure you'll agree he's (as we say down here in Alabama) so cute I could sop him up with a biscuit! :)

Donna Boucher said...

Would you be my friend, please?

Who took that gorgeous picture of you?

That can be the picture on your book cover.