Sunday, January 11, 2009

North and South - Falling


Southern Gal said...

I'm confused. I thought you meant the mini-series from the 80's. Was that North South or North and South?
Anyway Patrick Swayze and James Read were the main characters in that one. I actually taped it on VHS way back when and still have it though I haven't watched it since it was taped. I would think the one I saw would be a little too risque for Ellen. Where can I get the one you're speaking of?


Clay said...

My BIL and SIL gave us Netflix for Christmas. So we watched it online at Netflix....which is my new favorite hobby.

Rhea said...

I haven't seen this movie, but it looks dramatic and fun.

I'm so glad such huge chopper sideburns are out of style though. Those things are scary.

jennifer h said...

Hey April,

I didn't look at the clip, but I chose this entry to comment on because it has the fewest comments. I just wanted to say hi and tell you I check out your blog still from time to time, but you get so man comments, I mostly lurk these days. Hope you all are well.

splendid said...

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Caryn said...

This movie is the BBC production.This is a typical English type production.

It isn't the same as the American North and South Civil war type drama at all.

I looked for it and found it and ordered it online for $30. It looks like my cup of tea as I love BBC mini series and productions.

Thanks to April for bringing it to my attention. I will watch it with my Mama only with coffee lol!