Saturday, November 22, 2008

April Showers High 1985

Twenty years after graduating from High School is the perfect time to go back and read all the signatures in your yearbook.

I have to share some with you. I really must. As I do, please enjoy these two boys chatting it up at Rechelle's 40th birthday party. They are the only two boys in the world that could handle Rechelle and I or maybe I should say they are the only two boys that could tolerate us.

What I love about this one is that the girl who wrote this ended up marrying the boy she is wishing me luck with and she felt the need to say 'dearly not queerly'.

This is from 1985

April, We've had our ups and downs, but hopefully now they will all be ups. You are fun to cheer with. I hope we cheer together for the next 2 years. Goodluck with everything you do and with C. Stay Sweet Love Ya,- dearly not queerly T.

Now onto 1986 and this is after C and I broke up, but we remained friends. I even set him up with the sister of the new guy I was dating. I know, how nice was I? When I read this I laughed a very uncomfortable laugh off and on for two days.

April, You really made my junior year fun. Remember when we were out at the farm on the three wheeler and I took off without you on the back? And remember all the times we got in trouble? I still am getting in trouble because of you. Remember writing in my year book about the vo-tech parking lot? I had to explain that to my mom.
Love, C

Dear GOD!!! His Mom read his yearbook!!! What on earth did I say? I'm so sorry C. All I can say to you is 'good luck in the future, I hope you go far', because that seemed to work pretty well back in 1986.

In 1985 I let my sister sign the back page of my yearbook. I'd show you a picture, but my camera has fallen into the black vortex that sucks all the things I value the most or my kids must have been playing with it. grrrrrr. And I'm too lazy to go look for it.

April, You are my very favorite sister. I'm really happy that out of all the strange people I could have gotten for a sister, I got the strangest one of all, YOU! I don't think I could make it through the day without one of your "imitations" or one of your strange little characters, that seem to pop out of your mind. Especially the dude that says, "Lunch Tickets!" and your Swedish, "Stankers!" I know you also wouldn't survive without my daily hugs. Thanks for being around for me to borrow money from and beat up on you and crush your ribs and sometimes even talk too.
Love and Lots of Hugs,
the one and only,

Now let's jump to 1987 when my sister finally got herself a boyfriend. J was in my class. He had a big ego and was a giant pain in the butt. He teased me relentlessly about my hair, makeup, clothes and choice of boyfriends. Rechelle and J were two strange birds thrown together to torture each other. I never knew if they were getting along or in the middle of a heated debate. J wrote this just after he and Rechelle broke up. Rechelle had gone to college and J and I were trying to figure out how to get through our Senior year without her around to LORD over our lives. He was the closest thing to a brother that I ever had. When my homecoming date left with another girl, J held my hand and took me out on the dance floor. He was a terrible dancer, but he knew he could make me laugh by watching him try to move to a beat and I did, I laughed really hard at how bad of a dancer he was.

April, Hi April! I'm sitting in Broadcasting and all these people are telling me what to write in your yearbook. Since you wrote something nice I am going to try to write something nice too. This year I want us to get along better and be good friends. I know I tease you a lot and I give you a hard time, but I do like you. You are a super person to be around and I am going to miss going out to your house. Remember how Rechelle used to get mad at me when I would flirt with you? Well, sometimes I really was flirting with you. Keep up your wonderful smile and personality. Good luck in EVERYTHING. Love, J.

The CD, he can't dance a lick and he teases me pretty bad too.

But my sister tolerates him anyway.

This last one was from the farmer boy I dated my Junior year. He was a really nice boy, but had the personality of a dried piece of corn. Poor guy, he never knew what to do with me when I started acting goofy. I think he was mostly embarrased by me. We were still dating when he wrote this. When I think back about the year we dated I can't remember anything we did except drive up and down Maine Street in his car. I don't remember having any meaningful conversations, fights or anything. I'm pretty sure we were the most boring couple ever. I think his entry will prove that.

April, Your totally awesome personality is always so nice to be around. You brighten my day whenever you smile and laugh at me or whatever. Keep up the cheerleading, dancing, puppeteering, and all your other great talents. Make the best of your last year with Shelly, you two are great sisters even if she is a 'sissy'. Don't let Jeff pick on you too much! This year is going to go by fast I can already tell. It seems like all I do is take tests and apply for scholarships and all other college junk. Well, it's such a joyous occasion to sign off on this, ha ha. You're the Greatest April!!! Love, P.

What the heck? Seriously, we had been dating for a while and that's all he could say?! I don't even remember how we broke up. As far as I know we're still dating.

I think I ended up with the right guy. His goofiness overshadows mine. I can't embarrass him and I try really hard. He's the only guy that I could wear high heels and still be shorter. He sings harmony to all my made up opera song and he's really cute.

And my brother in law? He's not too bad. And he's got great hair man, really great hair.

Now, good luck in your future and all you do. You are awesome and really great and thanks for being a good friend. Let's keep in touch and don't ever change.




Rhea said...

Most yearbook comments are LAME. Some are creative and hilarious. I tended to leave page-long jabbering to my best friends.

I love your comment about for all your know you could still be taking P. hehe

Calder said...

April! You dingbat! What if Old Mister "Dried Piece of Corn" reads your blog!

Southern Gal said...

Mercy. My two oldest children got a hold of one of my yearbooks and started reading some of the comments. I DIDN'T remember most of them and was pretty, um, shocked when they started referring to some of them. They are 19 and 17 - thank the Lord. Gee, it's funny how things come back to haunt us.

Molly said...

You have my everlasting admiration for having the courage to go back and read those things...while I scrupulously haul those yearbooks through every move, I haven't the courage to go look at just how goofy the comments are bound to be!

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Stephanie in Idaho said...

Funny post. I remember back, lo those 30 years ago reading my dad's yearbook. I learned a LOT about my dad then (I was no more than 10-12 years old) - I didn't even know what a Submarine Race was for a few years! When I learned, you should have seen the SHOCK on my face, the wheels were spinning...I was remembering back when I read that yearbook...putting two and two together...getting grossed out... Oh I imagine you get the picture.... LOL

Leslie said...

Funny...I just looked back at my yearbook from senior year recently (I graduated in 1987). It is amazing to me how few of the people that signed it I actually have any recollection of at all!

Joy said...

How funny! Love the photos. I think I need to dig out some yearbooks. Or maybe not. My kids would read them! GASP!

Sharon said...

My sister wrote a WHOLE page in my yearbook. It makes me cringe to even think about it. When can we burn those suckers?

Psuedokim said...

I graduated in 1987 as well. I grew up in a very small town with a graduating class of 220 people. The scary part is, when I go back home to visit, many of the people I went to school with still live there and are perfectly fine with it. They're stuck in a time warp.

Gladys said...

We didn't get out senior year books until almost a full year after we graduated. I have No signatures in my year book. Now my Jr. Year book is a whole different matter. It is full of phrases like "Farm Out Man" and "Totally Groovey". Oh and let's not forget "Keep on trukin" I guess that my fellow classmates thought we were all going to be in the logistics business. :)