Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ten Dollar Tuesday!!

Hey guess what? Remember that envelope system I told you about? Well, it's on sale for $10.00!!!

I've noticed every holiday that rolls around Dave puts all his books and merchandise on sale. If you want to give a gift to help someone with their finances this would be the ticket.


Southern Gal said...

Thanks for the heads up!


Melody said...

Thanks for the heads-up!

Will the price go back up after Thanksgiving?? or do you think the price is reduced for Christmas?

MadHatter said...

Or go to Target, hit "The Dollar Spot" and buy the flimsy coupon organizer for a buck. Use a sharpie to write in the sections you want on the tabs and voila--an envelope system. Dave didn't make any money on that choice, but I bet he's proud of me anyway!!
(debt free by December '09, oh yeah!!)

Gladys said...

Do you get a chicken with it?