Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My baby she wrote me a letter.

When I pick up my older kids from school I insist that they tell me at least one good story from their day. Sometimes they say, "Mom, nothing happened. I don't have anything to tell you."

Eventually one of them will start talking and of course that triggers the other one to tell an equally great story and then their talking at the same time and that makes me crazy! But, I love to hear their stories of handing in papers and lunch room disasters and, let's face it, eventually they will get married and have to answer the age old question, "Honey, how was your day?" See? I'm training them right. Right?

This is the conversation that happened in the car yesterday. I was taking Ellen and her friend to basketball practice.

Me- Ellen, how was your day?

Ellen- Good. I got a letter from my coach.

Me- Oh. What did it say?

Ellen- It's just a letter.

Me- Okay, but what does it say?

Ellen- It's just a gold letter.

Me- I don't understand. Why did she give you a gold letter? And what does it say?!

That's when Ellen's friend decided it was time for her to speak up and interpret the conversation, lest she throw herself out of the van into oncoming traffic because anything would be less painful than listening to a conversation that's stuck in a loop.

E's Friend- What Ellen means is, she LETTERED. She got a varsity letter.

Me- OOOOOOOh! You lettered! Wait a minute. How did you letter?

Ellen- I dunno.

Me- What did you do to get the letter?

Ellen- I dunno.

Me- I didn't know you could letter.

Ellen- Me neither.

Me- So do you know why you got it?

Ellen- No.

Me- What do we do with it?

Ellen- I dunno.

Me- You don't know how you got it?

Ellen- Nope.

And that's when E's friend threw herself out of the car.

No, no, no just kiddin'. But, I'm pretty sure she thought I was an old coot that didn't know nuthin' about nuthin' and my daughter was the least enthusiastic letterman ever to be lettered in the history of lettering.

Yet again the whole sports thing has taken over my life. Now I guess I need to shop for a letter jacket to put this gold letter on and I guess that's okay. My tiny baby girl lettered in volleyball! We have no idea how or why or when, but she's got a big gold letter with a shiny volleyball and a bar to prove it. If you ask Ellen if she wants a letter jacket her response will be, "I dunno".


Jenni said...

I think Jo lettered in cross country last year because I remember having a very similar conversation and her not knowing how she lettered. It could have been a dream, but I swear she did not want a letter jacket and that letter is stuck in the bottom of some drawer somewhere around here.

BTW, you are completely right about the old bathtub photos. I thought the same thing. I didn't know there was going to be an old bathtub though, so I was unprepared. I think I'll ask Molly if we can go back out to her dad's ranch in the spring when it's not cold. She's not really a cowboy boots and hat kinda girl, but Jo would love to do it so Molly probably will too.

stephaniegbrown said...

Hilarious - my 10 year old is already coming close to that attitude. I love it (not really, did you get the sarcasm? lol)

Good luck with that!

Rhea said...

My high school was so small that I don't think people lettered...or if they did, it wasn't make into a big deal...I don't remember seeing letter jackets.

Small private, half-boarding, parochial school. nutty.

Congrats to your girl!

Leah said...

Yea! That's awesome. I have a little volleyballer too. She's in 8th grade. She is a drama queen, so she will be sooooo excited if she letters.
Y'all are great. Yes, I think you are raising them right.

ElleBee said...

How funny! Congrats to her, at any rate. :)

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I already have a 5 year old who will say to me if I question him too much..."enough already Mum!"
So I see I have much more to look forward too

Katharine said...

Just when i'm all in knots about something trivial, I surf over here and read your blog and I usually can find some new or old post that will make me laugh so hard I am on the verge of peeing in my pants. Just what I needed!

Lorie said...

That made me laugh! I have a feeling my conversations with my daughter will go a lot like that when she is older...heck they are a lot like that NOW!

Marilyn said...

Ah yes - this is remarkably familiar, especially the "dunno" part. We even have volleyball and eye-rolling friends! Perfect pitch, April. :)

Lori R said...

Well, "I dunno" how it is in your part of the country, but around here no one wears lettermen jackets any more (too hot in AZ anyway). You could always put that letter and pin and any other memoribilia in a shadow box kinda thing.

Melody said...

Oh man. Is she 16? 'Cause that's how my daughter is, and she just turned 16.

Anonymous said...

Our school pays for the letter jackets and we buy all the patches and have them sewn on. I just spent $78 on patches last month.

The Source said...

Awwww...she lettered!! Yeah for Ellen! When my oldest got his first letter we HAD to buy the jacket. He wore it twice. It's lying in his bedroom floor under a pile of dirty, soggy towels now. Ugh.

Frustrated Mom said...

My son was a varsity starter all year. He missed one game to attend another school function for a school organization in which, he was also a member. The coach stripped him of his varsity letter and humiliated him in front of his peers for missing one game. Some coaches are jerks!

Glad your daughter got her letter!