Sunday, November 02, 2008


Sub-bird-am Sprawl

I know, I'm hilarious!

Thank you ALL for the great auction ideas. I've started making calls and sending emails with a lot of your ideas! You all are AWESOME! I still can't get over the donated vasectomy with limo ride, it makes me laugh every time I think about it, not that getting a vasectomy is anything to laugh about, but the limo ride home afterwards......that is funny.

Ideas I jumped on were the hanging the Christmas lights. I contacted our football coach and asked if the team would do this. Wouldn't it be cute to have a bunch of guys in their football jerseys in your front yard hanging the lights? I hope they do it. I also contacted the volleyball team to get them involved in something. On Wednesday I'm going up to school to recruit all the high school kids to get involved and donate their time and energy with some of your ideas. Lastly, I hit up a couple of my favorite stores to donate gift cards. Whew!

I really need to start earlier next year. I like to set a personal goal for myself to generate a certain amount of money at the auction, this year my goal was $2000. I'll let you know if I make it. I'm thinking it will be a bit under.


cndymkr / jean said...

Ohh, I love those bird houses. Where can I find them?

Rhea said...

What a cool assortment of houses for our fine feathered friends!

Glad you got some good ideas from the bloggies. Not mine of course, because I had nothing helpful to say. Sorry.

I feel empty inside. I wish I could have helped. :o(

Southern Gal said...

What about donating a visit to your house complete with choreographed dance routing greeting/welcome? :) Your sister has already hyped it up!

April said...

They were at the Maple Leaf, I don't know who made them. They were there last year too, so cute and so year I will buy one!

Southern Gal,
I think people would pay for me to STOP dancing.

stephaniegbrown said...

LOL Southern Gal! Hilarious, I would pay... definitely... Want to see a dork dance.

Okay that is enough, I don't think you are a dork, April... Actually I think you are really, really cool and I want to be more like you.

As for $2,000? Holy cow! Them are some 'lofty' numbers! I doubt with your energy you won't be too far below...

April said...


I'm going to make my daughter read your comment to prove that I am cool!!! Thank you.

I thought $2000 was sorta meager, but that's because we're trying to raise money for a new facility, so in the scope of things it's pocket change. But it might buy a few tiles.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I have too many birdhouses already but sure wish I had some of these.

Good luck, I hope you make your goal.