Wednesday, October 04, 2006

You all are very kind like the man at McDonald's

Okay, so lets do some name dropping....

Joanie- You are a breath of happy air. You sparkle and radiate like the sun. I'm so glad I know you personally and have the privilege to hear your laughter in person.

Jen H- You know, there are people you just like to sit and listen to. You are one of those people for me. I love the sound of your voice, the words you use and how you tell a story. I like the cackle in your laughter too, everyone needs a good cackle. Oh, and I like to listen to your hubby too, he's the fastest talkin' man in the West!

Melanie- You are one of the most thoughtful young women I've ever known. I admire how you think of others and do small and big things for them. I also would adopt your children if you and your sweet husband, whom I know should have been born my little brother, should come to an early demise.

Owlhaven- Do any of you read her? Her last 30 days were spent avoiding any meaningless consumerism, I love stuff like that. She's amazing. Go read, you'll get my drift.

Jenn- Anyone that lists Napoleon Dynamite as one of their favorite movies gets to move to the front of the class, go on move up, there you go. Look at her. Isn't she pretty?

Gretchen- I went over and looked at your beautiful knitting. slobber. I would love to have that sleeve on a sweater, my that is sooooo pretty!

Old Man at McDonald's- You made me and my boys laugh today. I thought for sure we had traveled back twenty years and were sitting in an old diner in my home town and you had known us all our lives. I hope others are as kind and happy when they see you coming. Your children and grandchildren are very blessed to have such a sweet old guy bragging about them.


jennifer said...

Thanks for the sweet comments. I agree with you about Joanie and Melanie, et al. I just checked out owlhaven, and I think I'll stop by there regularly. Finally, yes, that Mark Horne is a fast talker!

melanie said...

Thanks April! You are so sweet. Are you planning anything with us for an early demise?

I admire how you always laugh everything off. Nothing can hurt your feelings, you just think it's funny. That's a great trait to have (among your others, but that's my favorite). I don't know anyone else who does that.

I agree about Jen and Joanie. The other day Bryan asked me if I think Joanie is always so happy. I replied, "Yes, I do." I have never been able to talk to her wihout walking away with my cheeks hurting from laughing so much.