Monday, October 23, 2006

Here I am, again.

At Bread Co.

I've been internet free for about a week now. I'm feeling a little better, but still have a twitch in my right eye whenever I enter my office to check my emails and realize I CAN"T! (insert lots and lots and lots of profanity here.)

Okay, back home again. Jiggety freakin' jig!!!

Btw, have you all read the Olivia books? I love, love, love them! I love the pig!


Mark said...

So sorry. We just got liberated from guilt-buying at BreadCo yesterday when the phone guy showed up and fixed everything.

Angie Lechner said...

What the gall-bladder is wrong with your internet? I hope it gets fixed soon. I have read all your archives and need some new reading material. Thanks for commenting on my boring and very serious blog. (I'm trying to do something about that) Talk to you later! angie

jennifer said...

I saw an Olivia theater at the Borders in Sunset Hills for $12.95. I thought of you and all the hours of fun you could have entertaining your children with performances by Olivia. Hope you are back on line soon.

Jessie said...

April, I know its hard, hang in there!