Friday, October 13, 2006

Three Brothers

Finally! My husband took me to Three Brothers , a great little spot in Labadie MO. It was well worth it. I had the tilapia with pan roasted new potatoes and Clay had the pork tenderloin with smashed new potatoes they both came with grilled asparagus. We tried the jumbo shrimp in a creamy tarragon sauce, I wanted to pick up the plate and drink the rich sauce, but the shrimp was a bit over cooked. They serve warm sesame bread knots with olive oil and parmesan cheese to dip in, and who doesn't love warm bread? The red wine comes in a huge glass that if given the opportunity you could take a quick dip in.

They didn't have any house made desserts so we tried the tiramasu which was very rich. I love to be able to taste the strong espresso and still be able to distinguish the lady fingers and that was very apparent in this dessert.

The atmosphere is above charming. The dinnerware is chique. The drive out there is beautiful. A great date night for any couple. They have a bar area which you see in the picture that I linked, the linen covered tables are a few steps above the bar.

I was surprised to see such a nice crowd there. If you ever need to get out of the city and have a nice quiet meal this is the place to go.


Jessie said...

Now that IS way out there in the country! Seriously, I am glad you had a great date and delicious meal...I love those!

Randy S. said...

Jean and I are always looking for a neat place for a date night. Thanks for the tip. Looking forward to it. (And, no, it really is not very far out... Ha!)

Bernadette said...

Have you supped at Malmaison? Another cozy, intimate spot for a couple who likes a long, romantic drive away from St. Louis.

God did not create hurry. ~Finnish proverb

Great response to the lucky fellow below, whose mother decided against birth control just in the nick of time.

Everyday Mommy said... need a restaurant review column in the St Louis Post Dispatch! Too bad that I live in Kansas City!