Thursday, October 05, 2006

Trying to be more me.

Clay keeps telling me I don't act like myself over at Larger Families, so I tried harder this time. Go take a peek and yes I'm asking for comments cuz it's so dang quiet all the time over there. You would think with all the kids we've got it would be a bunch of chatter, but not so. I think we might be too timid.

Anyway, did any of you loath pregnancy as much as I? I just really did not enjoy it. I was sick, my pelvis hurt all the time, I was fat, I was grumpy, I had heartburn, all my joints ached, I had zits, my hair was all funky, there were never maternity clothes that fit me, I was just not happy.

I have friends that just loooooove being pregnant. I think they are weird. I was not given the ability to enjoy that (Seth is sitting by me and keeps saying, "The Karate Master inside your stomach") yeah, I didn't enjoy the little Karate Master inside my stomach, but I did like them when they decided to come out.


Anonymous said...

I LOOOOVVVVVEEEE being pregnant. Mentally, I love it. Physically, I have as many complaints as the next person. Mainly, I love it because I don't become the pessimistic-realist-who-feels-like-hurting-people person once a month. I like my mood when I'm pregnant so much, that, if I was wealthy I would probably be on my 10th by now.

So, I'm one of your crazy friends, April.

:) annie

Anonymous said...

Another crazy here. My 3rd was a miserable pregnancy. She was my first girl, so I was convinced that it must a gender thing since my 2 boy pregnancies had gone so well. However, #4 was a girl and she was my easiest pregnancy of all. Pregnancy I love, it's 18 months to 3 that I don't think I could do over again.

Jodi said...

My pregnancies were pretty much all miserable. I don't think emotionally it changed me much (but you might want to ask my husband) but physically it sucked! I puke for the first 20 weeks and feel nauseated 24/7. Then I get about a month where things are good and then my hips start hurting like someone stuck a hot poker through me.

I would have more kids if they could just suddenly appear in my arms and I didn't have to be pregnant. :)

april said...

Yes Annie you're weird, but also very sweet, so I'll try not to look at you with my nose all wrinkled up and my eyes squinted next time I see you.

Jenn, I can relate to that 18-3yo phase, I wonder where my little demon possessed 2yo came from sometimes...eeeeeek!

Yes! Just appear in your arms would be excellent!

Troy & Tara & Tribe said...

Being pregnant is awful. I am with you ... what is so great about being tired, queezie (how do you spell that?) and frumpy? No thanks ... just found your blog by looking on the largerfamilies blog.

J, C, K said...

I LOVEDDDD BEING PREGNANT! If I could be pregnant all the time minus delivery (c-section) and the kids :) (well only sometimes)! I would be thrilled!