Monday, October 30, 2006

Let me check my calendar....

This is going to be a very unusual week and I will probably never see these series of events unfold in my lifetime ever again or at least in the span of five days.

This evening my husband and I were invited to attend a reception for the governor of Missouri at a friend's home. I know! That's what I said. It's a fund raiser. I keep reminding myself that we were in fact invited to show support not because I am the most famous blogging mommy on the web.

As you know this is Monday and I have mountains of laundry to chip away, I have meals to deliver to the poor teachers that have to suffer through another one of my concoctions (I'm thinking potato soup, because wouldn't that be good today?) and I have no professional looking outfit to wear to this reception. I'm nearly certain I won't go shopping because I do have the kids that need something of an education and since I decided I could do a better job at that than anyone else I think I should be proving it by actually teaching them than running around St. Louis trying to find an outfit that won't offend Governor Blunt. But then again, maybe I should just run out to Marshal’s and see what they have. I don't know.

Friday we are going to a Reformation Party. I know! That's what I said. I think there will be lots of drinking, eating, laughing and maybe some good impressions of medieval characters. So, this should prove to be fun and relaxing but again the clothing dilemma. It's too far off to think about so I'll deal with that later.

Saturday we are going to an opening of a performing arts building that my husband designed at a college in Illinois. I know! That's what I said. It's a black tie affair and I've had plenty of notice to get prepared. The dress, jewelry and scarf have been purchased. I need to get a manicure, find hosiery, debating on buying new shoes and probably get my hair done. It's reminiscent of going to the prom. Oh booger! I just thought about a handbag. Giddy-up Mary I hope I can get all of that stuff and still afford to feed everyone this week. Ack!

My mostly normal and boring life is getting such a glamorous jolt this week. I fear that when it's all over I'll feel a bit like a scullery maid.

Now, I'm off to change a diaper, change a load of laundry, scoop some chicken poop out of the garage and scrub the white sticky stuff dripped from one bathroom to the other off the carpet. I know! That's what I said!


Mike said...

I'm glad I live a boring life lol. Have fun with your events.

Andrew said...

My wife and I ended up in the Lieutenant Governor's mansion for a dinner related to an art gallery exhibit. It's surreal, isn't it? Have fun!

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Jessie said...

Please post pictures of all these gala events!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool!

So what's the governor like? Dish!