Thursday, July 06, 2006

What's on your kitchen floor?

-crushed pecans

-crumbled green play dough

-one of my husbands business cards

-spider man watch

-long strands of blond hair

-foil wrapper


-one large man sized dirty sock with grass attached

-dried sticky spot where someone dropped their piece of watermelon

-large female sized foot prints

-various sizes of small children footprints

-3 very cheap tannish colored rugs for people to wipe their dirty feet on. They are amazingly clean given they aren't used much.

-one damp dish towel to catch the water that leaks from under the fridge

-puddle of water from the fridge because the towel is now by the oven just laying there waiting for the toddler to start swinging it around spraying dirty refrigerator water on all the surfaces of the kitchen

-and the crowning glory, a diamond patterned faux mauve marble and taupe linoleum with a ding, dent, cut, scrape, stain or mark of some sort in every visible spot

Times I swept the floor today: 4
Times I mopped the floor: 1
Wages for fruitless labor: 0


1girl2boys said...

Sounds remarkably like my kitchen floor. Mine only looks good for about 15 minutes after I clean it. Then it is back to this.

Anonymous said...

I could have written this blog entry.

mj said...

It's even worse when the kitchen floor is white--or something that resembles white.

P.S. Anonymous is getting around in the blog world.

Anonymous said...

Hey April, I reread my comment above and it doesn't sound nice. I meant that I can totally relate with the constant messy floor! I can't express myself well in writing (or talking for that matter).
ah (which stands for anne hiers)

april said...

Puh-Lease! I totally knew what you meant, remember your commenting to Queen of Sarcasm. However I would appreciate comments like:
Oh, April I'm so sorry that nobody in your family appreciates your hard work. I would like to throw you a party.


April I would like to offer my sweeping and mopping services to you everyday until you die. Bless your heart your so over worked and under payed.

Somthing like that. Oh, and Anne you are a gem to be so thoughtful to think that your comment sounded mean.