Saturday, July 01, 2006

Do you wanna be my friend?

My new post is up over at Larger Families. This time we are talking about outside relationships aka friends. I actually think it takes an amazing person to be my friend for these reasons:

1. I hate to call people on the phone, hate it. When I do call I have a specific reason and then if we get to chatting that's okay, because I love to talk, I just hate to call.

2. I get a little wiggy when I'm not the person in charge of planning the event, although I've calmed down on this quite a bit. But, hopefully the event being planned will be to my specifications, that's all, no biggie, just want it my way.

3. I don't like changing things when I've got them all lined up the way I like, so if someone calls and says, "Hey, do you want to go to the zoo today, like in an hour?!" That is enough to send me into a tailspin. But, again I'm getting better at this. It may take two days for me to recover from a spontaneous adventure, but I'll do it all in the name of fun for my children.

4. I feel bad when people do or say something nice for me and I always feel in debt to that person. What's that? You don't think I take a compliment well? No, no you look really pretty, this dress I'm wearing is just old and really not very in style and I kinda feel fat in it and well, you look great. Ugh!

5. I'm sarcastic.

Okay, and now after reading those points I'm thinking I need to be on some form of mind altering drugs or does it sound like I already am? Like I said my friends are all very amazing women.


bernadette said...

I enjoyed both of your posts about friendship!

My time for friendship comes and goes in waves. Just now, a diverse group of homeschooling moms is a rich blessing for me. At 51, I am one of the older moms, so I love helping out the younger ones, and I learn so much from their enthusiasm.

After apologizing for a sarcastic remark that I made the other day, my 7 year old daughter piped up, "Actually, I enjoy sarcasm." ;~)

P.S. We lived in MO for 20+ years before moving to WA.

Jodie said...

I find it is hard to meet good friends. You have work friends and there are moms of your childrens friends. There never seems time to meet a friend by yourself when you have a large family :)

Jessie said...

April, I think you look really pretty in your gardening gear...seriously, I love all the pics.