Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I know you're out there

chirp chirp chirp That's the crickets or locusts or grasshoppers; whatever the bug that makes a darn lot of noise at night these days. It is just waaaaay to quiet around here, I mean the house not the blog, I have a stat counter you know, I can see you, well not you, but I see you. So thanks for looking now start to talking, especially this week people geesh, I obviously do not have enough people over three feet tall to yell, I mean, talk to.

Well, I'm headed west again partner. Just Levi and me. So let's all bow our heads and say a corporate prayer shall we?

Dear Heavenly Father,
I know we've been down this road before, in fact it was just two weeks ago, but leaving my children to be raised by puppets at a fine arts camp would be an experiment I don't think I should participate in. So I better go fetch them.

Please God, let Levi sleep for at least half the ride so his misery will only last three hours.

God please let Eastern Missouri and Eastern Kansas have enough crackery bagged food items to keep Levi full and happy.

God please help me not to pull my bicep, tricep, neck or pec muscles while stretching back to feed, wipe, soothe, fetch, swat or whatever for my darling baby.

God please let my van act like she is less than a decade old and we are just on a few errands about town, yes that's what I'll tell her. Oh, sorry Father that is a bit of a fib, but you know how she needs to be gently persuaded ever since I made her go down the driveway in the snow and launch herself into the creek like she was the Duke's General Lee. Remember, I cried your name and not 'Yeee Haw' so she knew I wasn't playing around. I told her I thought she'd like to meet the guys at the shop; they give a nice undercarriage tuck. She just hasn't been the same since. Have mercy on her Father.

God please help me to remember to plug in my cellphone and turn it on. You know how low I scored on the Nerd Test and thus you know my knowledge of electronic devices and my motivation to want knowledge about said devices. I need you to pass wisdom of wireless proportions to me.

God please let there be real cream for my coffee at every truck stop.

God please let Levi hold off on his human excrement until we arrive.

What's that you say God? I should consider just harnessing his car seat to the luggage rack?

Thank you Father for hearing my prayer.



JenMom said...


Clay said...

weren't you raised by puppets?, maybe you should go get them.

Everyday Mommy said...

Don't start with this coming to Kansas thing again! If you drive all the way to Eastern Kansas then you have to stop by the House of Everyday. No excuses.

Jenn said...

Hey there! If it's not too late for your trip, someone on the well-trained mind board shared this link with me and it was a huge help for travelling with kids:

Hope you have a good trip. If you get lost and end up heading into central Missouri....send an email and we'll send out the posse...or lunch anyway.

Nancy said...

I saw your blog on larger families about miscarriage. I appreciate your words of kindness. I've had 3. God gave me such peace through the last one, but after was difficult. I am now pregnant with baby #6/9. Hope you're enjoying those little ones, too! I sometimes yell, I mean talk to mine, too!