Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Things I pulled out of the dirt....

One little boy that discovered if he tried to touch my khaki pants I would scream and run away from him. He won the chase. Why do I wear white shirts and khaki pants? Why?

Beets and Early Potatoes. Next year....more beets!


Anonymous said...

We moms should probably give up wearing white, at least until the youngest is 10 or so. Of course, I just bought 2 new white shirts at the Gap on the cheap. I should probably just take my own advice.

Your veggies look great. I don't think I've ever eaten a beet. How do you cook them?

-- annie :)

mc said...

What kind of mom are you?!?! Do you only give your kids baths on Saturday nights or something? ;-)

april said...

Yes, you can boil, bake, stir fry or pickle beets. They are sweet and earthy. They are fun to add to other root vegetables, they are the most beautiful color.

If I could just let them live outside then I would only bathe them before Sunday...but they insist on coming in the house....little rodents.

mj said...

I love fresh beets boiled or baked with a little butter and salt and pepper. If they are pickled, I like them on a salad best.

Anonymous said...

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