Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Me, Myself and Levi

Having one child in the house means I am the playmate. I give kudos to all you parents with one child because having siblings means you can take a shower and poop without someone watching, most of the time.

Without the older three around I’m bored and unmotivated. So I’ll just share some of my blog thoughts:

-I would never complain about laundry if I only had one child. Yesterday, I tried to do laundry because it’s my automatic response to put a load in every time I walk by the washer. I searched for a load and behold, there was none. Finally, I decided to dig out all the boys ‘stained beyond belief’ shirts and see if they had a second life in them. Ta-dum! Some of them have been resurrected into a shirt that can be viewed in public. Okay, so I would not have as many stained clothing items in my life if I only had one child.

­-However, I was thinking about renaming my blog The Woman with A Stained Shirt because I do believe 85% of my shirts do have a permanent stain.

-Speaking of 85%....Uh, men out there avert your eyes. I’m going to talk about bras, okay you’ve been warned. I actually was able to watch Oprah, the entire show, which is something I never get to do. I was informed that 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra!! Well, surely not me? Most of the women were wearing too large of a size and too small a cup. Again, surely not me? For I am the woman whom the cup runneth dry. I dug out my handy dandy tape measure and behold, God is good! I am wearing the wrong size. So this could explain why I am constantly replacing my strap back upon my shoulder. This is a dilemma that must be rectified, immediately. Just as soon as the Mall and I are on speaking terms again.

-A dilemma I do have. I see that there is a sweet little building for lease in my downtown and wouldn’t a health food store be great in that location? I need your thoughts dear readers. How many of you delight in bulk whole grains, spices, nuts, dried fruits etc? Do you shop at health food stores? Would you love to buy local produce and farm fresh eggs? How about dried herbs or fresh herbs and flowers? Just thinking that I could run a little mercantile, someday. I was born in the wrong century.


mc said...

My mom tells me all the time that this area is in desperate need of a health food store. She's been wanting to open one herself. :-)

april said...

Well tell her to get on it, I will be her first customer and I bet DK will be right behind me if not shoving me out of the way to get all low fat items she can get her hands on.

mc said...

Donkey Kong??

april said...

Did you take the nerd test yet? I'm thinkin' you might do well. ;)

Anonymous said...

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