Friday, July 28, 2006

Dream Kitchen

This morning I woke up thinking about kitchens. I think a good cook can function in any kitchen. Having the right tools helps, but I think if you've got the skills, then you could make a casserole on an open flame in the pouring rain.

Okay so here is what I want to know:

What kitchen configuration works for you? Not what your living with, but what you perceive to be the best kitchen ever!

The U- I have this now, it does not work, too many tight corners for me. Not enough room for another person to help. However the tight triangle between the sink, stove and fridge is nice.

The L- I like this one, but sometimes the triangle gets too big and I really don't like corner cabinets or wasted space w/ lazy susans.

The Galley- I like this one too, but again sometimes it can feel like your a ball bearing in a pinball machine, I like that it can be the connecting point at both ends to two rooms and no corner cabinets, but it doesn't lend room for an island of any sort.

Those are the styles I'm most familiar with, am I missing one?

Now how do you like your triangle?
Where do you put the fridge in relation to the pantry?
Is your dishwasher on the right or left of you sink?
Island with stove, sink, or nothing? Or no island.
Gas or electric stove? (let's see who the real cooks are, heh, heh)
Wood, ceramic or other on the floor?

Let's hear it. I know I'm not the only person with strong opinions in the kitchen.


Carie said...

I think that I have an unconventional kitchen. I think that it is technically a galley kitchen, but it is open on the one end to the dining room. On the north wall is the pantry, cabinet, stove (built in microwave above) cabinet and fridge. On the south is a huge island holding the dishwasher and sink. A bar is on the opposite side of the sink, seating 4. The other end is open to the living technically it is all one big room. Very open and don't feel cooped up. There really isn't enough room for 2 people though...everything is "right" there. All the dishes except pans, bakeware, mixing supplies and silveware are in cabinets in the dining room. I really love your blog. Keep up all the good work!

Everyday Mommy said...

Personally, I love a galley kitchen. I think it all revolves around the placement of the major work areas. I think the best is a zig zag pattern within the rectangular, galley shape. This make sense? And, as long as you have a good knife, a good whisk, three good pots and a good cutting board you can cook anything. I would also LOVE a double oven.

Shash said...

I'm in the middle of building a kitchen for us and I've changed my mind a hundred times. I like the sink and stove to be close enough but far enough to have a bit of work space in between and I don't want to walk forever to get to the fridge. Every show says that the triangle works the best - I don't know forsure - all I know is it better have a dishwasher! An island is nice too...