Monday, July 17, 2006


Friday night was the McGraw Hill concert. Eeeeeeeeh! I think I acted like I was 17! And that just happens to be the age I was when I went to my last huge concert, Michael Jackson in Denver.

We were on the third row and Tim shook my husband's hand! I then took my husband's hand and said, "We must preserve this! I'll make an appointment to have it amputated tomorrow."

Here are my know because I love to give a good critique:

Faith is beautiful and has an awesome voice.
Faith can't dance and should use her guitar more.
Faith wears comfortable clothing on stage.
Faith doesn't really connect with the audience or talk with them very well.
Faith doesn't sweat wearing her gobs of hair down to her waist.
Faith waved at me, or maybe the group of half naked very blond girls behind me.

Tim wears painfully tight jeans.
Tim has more of a stage presence.
Tim is so corny he's cool.
Tim talks to the audience.
Tim sweats a lot.
Tim throws his half drunk water bottles into the crowd.
Tim tipped his hat at me, or maybe the group of half naked very blond girls behind me.

All of the band members are in their 30's or older.
The lead bass player hands out guitar picks.

The stage was set up in a cross with two circles in the middle. Somtimes we couldn't see them because they would be on the opposite side of the stage. There was a small screen to our right that we could watch what was happening on the opposite end of the stage. The band members were on the corners of the cross below the circles so we could always see the bass player and lead guitarist because they were the part of the band on our side, does that make any sense?

I wanted to see the two of them interact more. When they sang their duets they mostly stood at opposite ends of the stage or sat back to back in weird acrylic chairs. They did kiss after one song, ahhh.

It was really loud.
My ears were ringing when I went to bed.

T-shirts cost 35.00
A smal 8x10 photo cost 5.00 (I bought two of those for my kids)

I don't think I would like to be a celebrity. I wouldn't want to travel in a bus with my children and perform on stage everynight until midnight and then get up in the morning on a bus and tell the kids about the next city we're going to. I wouldn't want thousands of people staring at me and then going home to write about watching me on their blog. No that's not the life for me. But, I am so glad they are willing to do it just to entertain me!

And my last bit of information: Chickens are not vegetarians. Just thought you all should know.


thehiers said...

Do your chickens have large talons?

april said...

I didn't understand a word that kid just said.

They have talons and razor sharp teeth.

thehiers said...


Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.