Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Country Architect

Clay is an architect. When he leaves for work he wears beautifully pressed dress slacks and a crisp pinpoint collar shirt with a snazzy silk tie positioned perfectly in a double Windsor knot. He looks like a million bucks.

But, when he comes home, he sheds all that fancy-schmancy stuff and puts on his Country Clay. Ever since we've been doing the Damn Ramsey thing, Clay has insisted that I cut his hair. Mind you, that this is the same man that used to pay $60 on a haircut in a fine salon.....much to my annoyance.

Now, that I'm living with a man that doesn't want to spend once red cent on ANYTHING, he thinks I am the best haircut in town. A few days ago the weather was beautiful and Clay was taking a vacation day, so we headed out to the porch for a haircut and Clay made the profound statement, "Now, this is country living. Getting a haircut on the porch with three cats rubbing against my leg and a rooster tucked under a chair."

I don't think any of Clay's clients or employees would believe he gets his haircut on a porch with a rooster and three cats.

Or that he wears jeans with holes in both knees and has a dog he named Preacher.

He's the Country Bumpkin Architect, just don't tell anyone, okay?


Kim said...

My mom used to cut my dad's hair while he sat in a chair in the backyard, our German Shepard guarding us and my sister and I running in circles giving constant commentary on the proceedings.
Those days were a lot of fun.
You give very good hair cuts.

Woolysheep said...

Hey coo! I cut my husband's and kid's hair too. We have a couple of those clipper sets and I set 'em down and shear 'em two or three times a year. Reminds me it is getting to be time to do it again.

So far Clay doesn't look like he got in touch with the business end of a weed eater so I think you are doing OK.

Rhea said...

I love your Clay. He seems hilarious. And sweet. What a neat man with so many different sides.

And I love your porch. And your country atmosphere.

erinz said...

I baked your Ginger Spice Muffins this morning and they were tasty. Thanks for making me laugh everyday. Happy New Year!

Beth said...

You give a might fine haircut, Miss April!

Renovation Therapy said...

My Mom always cut my Dad's hair, even when there was barely any hair there. It's sweet.

Lucy said...

ok give it up. Who cuts your stylish hair?? Not your Mom, no more pixie dos.
Happy New Year.

Rebecca said...

Coming out of lurker status to with you and yours a Very Happy New Year!!

I covet your life, by the way. And your little dog too. ;-)

Sharon said...

Architects still wear ties?!?

And it's a good thing he has some wave in that hair to hide any, um, mistakes. ;)

Dawn said...

Hows about a picture of swanky architect Clay?

Jenni said...

I don't know that I've seen a picture of that "other" Clay, but I like the country bumpkin version. I'm too chicken to cut dh's hair. I had bad experiences with my mom cutting my hair when I was a kid. I've cut the boys' when all they want is a buzz cut, but now they cut their own or have the girls do it for them. I don't think any of us has ever had a $60 haircut. Maybe a perm or highlight job that cost that much or a bit more, but never a haircut. Dh goes to a barber that charges $10 to cut his hair, and it is worth that $10 for the stress it saves me. I don't know what I'd do if I screwed up his hair and I know that I am perfectly capable of screwing it up big time.