Thursday, November 08, 2007

Coming to a Blog near You!

April Showers is proud to introduce Ellen, this generations greatest new character actress to portray her aunt, Rechelle ,in the tragedy only known to a few people as "Woman With NO Brain"

Rechelle, as portrayed by Ellen, shows true courage in the face of evil.
Ellen has been professionally trained at the Academy of Doofus D. Dropus in falling, screaming, and flailing techniques. Her peers have already nominated her for this year's Academy Award in the category of "most realistic portrayal of ignoramus".

Stay tuned for the entire blog broadcast right here on April Showers.


Rechelle said...

Ellen - you are in serious serious trouble for cooperating with your mother on this.

Rechelle said...

PS - Ellen - could you plese ask your mom to stop referring to you as Bellers!?! Anything is better than Bellers! It makes you sound like you are an crotchety old man. And stop making fun of your Aunt's pain!

Lori Shaffer said...

So this is an inside joke? Or are we gonna be let in on it?

Ellen, she better be payin' you off, girl. If not, I suggest you demand remuneration!

april said...

When I get my lazy butuckus around to writing the entire episode then you will be able to put all the unfortunate events together. For now I'm leaving you with this tid bit and believe me the ending is not pretty.

Crunchy Chicken said...

Umm. Was Rechelle pretending she was a birdy, bounced off the glass door and fell down the stairs?