Friday, November 02, 2007

Bob the Apple

Let's bob for apples, shall we?
Ike, you go first.
Seth, wanna give it try?  C'mon get your head in there, don't be shy.
Atta girl!  Way to dunk that head!
Honey,  I only have four apples, put it back and let the kids play....yes, I see you got an apple, now put it back.
Double dunkin'
This kid.  This kid right here, I love him.  He can't take a bath without a towel within reach to wipe away a drip of water from his face, but when it comes to bobbing for apples, he's hard core.  He tried so dang hard to get that apple.  He was coughing and sputtering, risking his life to get one of his teeny-tiny baby teeth hooked into the waxy flesh of one Gala apple.  He was not giving in to the fear, he would not cry "UNCLE!"  He wanted that apple, he was not stopping until he got it.
With one glorious nip, one tiny puncture, he nabbed that apple.  He was so happy that he started to squeal and promptly dropped that apple right back to its watery birth.


Them Country Folk: said...

So cute! I love it! I haven't bobbed for apples in years.

muddy mama said...

I cannot bob for apples unless I go first. The thought of that water in people's mouthes and up people's noses...yuk!

My children, however, have no such reservations. They love it! My oldest son has learned the trick of pushing the apple all the way to the bottom to help him take that all-important bite. He'll be in the water up to his shoulders! He, by the way LOVED your post, too. :)

Sally said...

Such cute pictures!

I love your name btw, good for your dad. My daughter was named by a Catholic priest seeing as how "she" was going to be Patrick Michael. He suggested Patricia Michelle. This was back in the olden days before you knew everything ahead of time. :)