Friday, August 03, 2007

Who says you can't go home?

Remember when I told you all about my childhood friend, Carmen?  When we move back to Kansas she will be a hop, skip and jump away from me and I'm hoping we will see each other more often than every other summer, like we do now.  I was talking to her a few days ago because I wasn't able to hook up with her when I was visiting Rechelle (who will be 45 minutes away, for those of you who have asked).  

Anyway, Carmen is a professional business woman that does some sort of high finance thingy within a big corporate whirly gig company thingamabob.  Yes, I'm positive that's what she does, I think.  When I called her she was still at work and told me to wait a second while she found a private conference room where she could talk to me without anyone hearing her.

When she knew she was secure she stripped off her corporate persona and became Carmanio, the Spazmodic Spazmo.  Between squeals, rapid fire talk and her puppy dog grunt laughter I was able to discern that while I was installing light fixtures at Rechelle's house, she drove all the way to Cheyenne Wyoming to see a Jon Bon Jovi concert with her daughter.  Now she is going to come pick me up the second he comes within a five hour driving radius of our towns to see him perform and she has bought all his CD's so we can listen to them on our way to whatever concert may be planned for us to attend.  

We talked about what we'll wear, I was thinking I'll go biker girl and get me some leather and Carmen will do whatever I tell her.....she was always really good at letting me decide the fashion of the day.  We won't take husbands or children it will just be Carmen, me and John and tight t-shirts and some leather, maybe stilettos or chunky boots and possibly a cowboy hat.  Well, maybe we should wear cushioned flats so my back won't ache and I don't need to exacerbate my varicose veins.  But, the leather is a must, hopefully I can find a leather/spandex blend to help shape those trouble spots.

We'll have an official food for the trip, because growing up we designated Twix bars as our official travel candy.  But, since I can't really do candy now it might need to be mixed nuts and natural yogurt.  

We'll leave after work and drive through the night and then we can sleep in the car and take turns changing our clothes in the back seat.  Or, maybe we'll stop at a decent hotel to freshen up before the concert and take a nap.

Either way we're going to see John in concert or maybe we'll just try to catch his show via satellite from the comfort of our own homes while wearing our pajamas.  No!  We will go and I will get to spend time with Carmen and that is better than any concert.  I'm moving back home!

Because I can't help but be nostalgic right now, every song on the radio that speaks of going home is wrenching my heart and obviously the artists who wrote these songs were thinking of me.  Here's a little John Bon Jovi....

It doesn't matter where you are, doesn't matter where you go
If it's a million miles away or just a mile up the road
Take it in, take it with you when you go
Who says you can't go home


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your concert but you should know that he is Jon not John.

Barb :)

april said...

Ah, thanks Barb, looks like I used both spellings...maybe I'll fix that later.

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

I don't care how you spell it -- I think he's weird. LOL!! Ha ha haa... but I'm gonna let you have your fun... I'm still listening to R.E.M. ;)

Oh NEAT! I long time friend. That's cool April -- really cool! Listen to what ever you want and enjoy that friendship! Dog snorts and all.

Tricia said...

actually his birth name is "John" so maybe either spelling works. :)

Rechelle said...

Hey April - did you know that Jon Bon sent his son to a private school in ...gasp...KANSAS!!! A private boy's school in Atchison Kansas just up the river from Lawrence! Who says you can't go home??? So you and Jon Bon's son are practically neighbors! You should invite him over for dinner sometime! I know this becasue I am a genius but also because I stayed at a B and B in Atchison once, and the owner's son was good friends with Jon Bon's son - they had pics and everything...