Friday, August 17, 2007

Ass Pair Uh Gus

It's so good to know that you all are smarter than me when it comes to identifying foliage. Except Rechelle, who obviously needs some help, poor girl.

So, yes, there is a 25 foot row of green and red asparagus that we will be enjoying next spring and I'm thrilled that I didn't have to plant it and then wait two years for a harvest.  I had no idea it looked like that when it went to seed.  Although, I plant the ornamental asparagus fern in my planters every year, I made no connection between the two.  I still have a lot to learn.

If you look in the bottom left corner you can see the bits of fern from the asparagus.  It lines the back edge of the garden.
I'll leave the berries for the birds this winter and in the spring I'll mow it to the ground.

We'll have; Grilled asparagus, steamed asparagus, sauteed asparagus, blanched asparagus, asparagus salad, ham-egg-asparagus casserole...... and by then our urine should be so foul that we'll let the asparagus go to seed.

2 comments: said...

mmmmmm i love scrambled eggs n asparagas.

Jill said...

I feel really smart now. Husband loves asparagus--and is mighty proud of his strong-smelling urine afterward as well.