Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We already have a dog.

I've made a promise to get a dog when we get settled into our new house. But, it seems to me we already have a dog. Levi, he's part canine. Look at him. He could be on a poster. This child knows how to break your heart with his eyes. He'll climb up on your lap and say, "snuggle-snuggle-snuggle". He'll lick milk off the floor. He already smells like a dirty dog. He's housebroken, kinda. Why do we need a dog?


cndymkr said...

Oh that face! He is so adorable. That face needs a puppy. A puppy will lick it clean and make it smile.

lori said...

Keep the "kid-dog"...you'll regret getting the four-legged, dirty,smelly, somebody-serve-me, whining, poop-where-I-want, crotch-licking kind. I guarantee it.