Friday, August 03, 2007

More Farmhouse Features

Well, come on in, don't be shy.
This is the front door with clear and etched glass. The owners have painted a lot of things grey and maroon and all I can say is their grey and maroon will be my yellow and black. To the hinge side of the door is the spring loaded door bell....precious. Check out the divided light storm door.
As you enter the house to the left is the den. You enter through french doors. They had built in cabinetry designed to fit around the window, which is really great, but not really my color, but I can deal with it.
The french doors that enter the parlor.
The dining room. This is my Mom's future project. She said, "April, that wallpaper is not you at all" and I totally agree and therefore she gets to help tear it down. The small room you see in the back is a tiny office with a pocket door.
This is the pantry, with window and pocket door off the kitchen....I think I might utilize it more as a mud room, coat and backpack storage spot.
The upstairs bathroom...ahhhh, white cabinets....finally. These are keepers, but again with the wallpaper, buh-bye.

I love that some of you readers critique the period detailing. I know those cabinets aren't keeping with the period of the home and we will have to remedy that someday. Yes, I'm a tad bit disappointed that the cabinets, especially in the kitchen, weren't white, but sigh, it's the nicest kitchen I've ever owned, so I won't complain too much.
I also agree with the banister, I need to take a closer look at it when we get in to see when that was changed.
Clay has already started scribbling little sketches of an addition. My mom has called a couple times telling me how we're going to take down all the wallpaper and what rooms need to be added to the main level. Big plans, people, big plans.


lori said...

wow! congrats! i haven't been over here in a while b/c of work obligations...i've missed a lot. what a beautiful home. and, you'll be closer to your sissy now, too, right? what fun! said...

re: spring-loaded doorbell..YAY! I have one and I love it - but it confuses most people. Mine is a milk glass handle. I should take a pic this weekend. Tell your Mom to use a rotary scratcher on the wallpaper and then really warm verging on hot Downy fabric softener to peel it off in nice big sheets. I love the house. I'm still obsessing over that porch skirt. It rocks!

cndymkr said...

It's it exciting? It's so much to take in. I have to agree that the wallpaper should eventually come down. You're going to be so busy.

Kathy from NJ said...

Kim at painted her oak kitchen cabinets and completely changed the look. Here's the link for one post about her kitchen, you can check through her entire blog for more details.

Although I love the maple or cherry built-ins in the den, if you are planning to replace them you might want to try refinishing them first.

I love the office/blogging room. I'm jealous that you have French & pocket doors.

Do you have a basement?

Jon Bon Jovi is a NJ native and a very nice person, according to everything that I've read.

Them Country Folk: said...

Oh, I still love it, even with all that wallpaper you said you might take down. Especially the bathroom -- it looks so pretty right now. It's just a great house. If you want to change things you can, but in the meantime it is really pretty and homey feeling.

The "REAL" Nut House! said...

Hi, Valerie popping over after reading your comments on the Pioneer Woman's blog. Your comments on how the cowboys dress, has me rolling on the floor. I never did think of it that way, but here in the suburbs, my husband doesn't dress that nice, to run to the store! What a chuckle. Secondly, my blog is on blogspot as well. Where in the WORLD did you get that FABULOUS banner????? I am WAY impressed and want to hijack it! lol

If you have a sec, reply to my blog and tell me how you got that AMAZING banner.