Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Bedrooms

Let's go upstairs. The staircase is on the South wall in the center of the house, strangely the house doesn't have a center hall, but that allows for more living area, so okay.
At the top of the stairs it turns and splits into two sets of steps, one goes to the hallway and one goes into the small bedroom. Please, make fun of that ridiculous expression on Clay's face. I think we were both walking through the house in a state of utter amazement. We were trying so hard to act nonchalant and I don't think we pulled it off at all.
The split stairs at the top.

The house has four bedrooms, or should I say 3 and one half? One bedroom was split in half to add a bathroom upstairs when they brought plumbing into the house. The small bedroom will will fit a twin bed and a dresser, no closet, but hey...I think we'll manage, my son really doesn't need much and he's very excited to have his own room.

The amazing thing about the other rooms is that they all have walk-in closets. For an old home, that's pretty rare.
These are the door knobs on all the doors. I think it's stamped brass, I could be wrong.
All the bedrooms have two windows. That is something I've dreamed of having for a long, long time.


hope4grace said...

Oh My Gosh!!! Where have I been, congrats first off...on the move. How exciting, going home is always good!

Second, I am in love with your house, can you build me some more bedrooms on the back so we can share that porch!

Just beautiful. I hope things go very smoothly for you in this transition. God bless you and yours!

Kathy from NJ said...

Is your new home near Rechelle? I realize that near is a very relative term - I live only 4.5 miles from my parents, but there are 6 traffic lights and it often takes 20+ minutes to get there - longer during commuter hours.

I remember my father and his brothers adding plumbing to a house in Milford or Guilford, CT in the mid 50's. His widowed great-aunt, Mary Hull, lived in a very old farmhouse with an outhouse. We loved going there because they had two "guest cottages" which I later found out used to be chicken coops! There was a "honey-pot" under each bed for night use - they got emptied in the outhouse in the morning.

There was another aunt & uncle who lived on a farm in a house that one walked DOWN steps to enter. It was one large room with four areas. They also had a "guest cottage" (another converted chicken coop). It took me approx 40 years to learn that the reason we entered by going down was because by the time Uncle Elmer finished the basement he ran out of money and couldn't afford to build the house!

Them Country Folk: said...

The kitchen, the bedroom windows, the hardwood stairs, the closets ... all gorgeous! What a terrific find. Congratulations! I love true midwestern country homes. Here in Wisconsin everyone is stuck on Frank Lloyd Wright, which is fine, but very boring and too pure and plain and dark for me. I love what I call pure country.

cndymkr said...

Of all the things you've shown so far I like the stairs. How weird is that? Maybe because I don't have any?
The house seems so perfect. I can't wait to see more.

Babette said...

Oh, it is just beautiful, April! And I can just picture your family in it! God has richly blessed you, indeed!!

Will you please forgive me for coveting the painting of the ladies with the lute and the viol da gamba? said...

I love it. It's really great. Now, do n't get annoyed with me, but I want to rip that banister off the stairway. It's not period appropriate. OK...I'll shut up now.

P~ said...

Congratulations April, that's a really nice home. I love the porch! Make sure that you have the realtor get you a current surveying of the land. Over at "Children in the corn" She wrote about living with big Agriculture and mentioned that they just keep plowing into her land. Mark it, stake it, claim it! Good luck to you!

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

GREAT PHOTOS!! How neat!! I like the stairs. Split and all.

WALK in CLOSETS??? I didn't know they existed... Your original owners but have been the wealthy sort. Ours were the dirt poor farmer sort. They didn't have indoor plumbing until the 50's. I'm so bummed that they tore down the out house -- but they probably didn't' want to look at it One More Day! Ü

Then we came in and added even MORE room... so our stair way got opened up... we can now see our living room from the stair way.

I can't wait to read about how you move in and make it all your own! How fun and exciting!!