Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tough Old Bird

A couple conversations my husband was involved with yesterday, are blog worthy.  

Clay's boss, let's name him, Percival Knightly. is in his later 60's and walked around yesterday complaining of chest pains and a cold left arm.  Uh, heart attack maybe?  Go to the hospital maybe?  Call 911, anyone?  No, Percival, we'll call him Percy from now on, is a tough old bird and he wanted to go to a meeting with Clay and one other guy later in the afternoon.

Clay suggested a few times to Percy to sit the meeting out, he could do the presentation without him and here's an idea....go to the doctor.  But, Percy wanted to help  and said he was fine, so off they three of them went.  In the car ride to the meeting:

Other Guy- Percy have you had any tests run?

Percy- Yeah, I had an endoscopy.

Other Guy- But, what about the test that they stick the probe down your throat?

Percy- Yeah, that's the endoscopy.

Other Guy- Well, if that's the endoscopy what's the test that, you know, goes in the other end?

Percy- That's a colonoscopy.

Other Guy- Oh, I thought that was called an endoscopy, cuz you know it starts with end.

Percy- You should have been a doctor.

Before they went in the room to make their presentation Percy told Clay, "Listen, if I have to slip out (to die of a heart attack) just go on without me."

The presentation went fine and Clay offered to drive back to the office (because he wants to live and not die in a car wreck caused by his boss having a massive coronary embolism), but Percy insisted he was fine.

As they arrived in town a car in front of them veered too close to the median and then jerked over to get into the correct lane:

Percy- Gawd, did you see that car?  I bet it's a woman driver.  I'm going to catch up and see.  You guys look, I bet it's a woman.

As he sped up Clay looks at the driver and says from the back seat, "It's a Duuude."  Which causes Percy to start laughing.

Percy- Oh, did you hear Clay?  He said dude.  Oh, gawd, Clay, don't make me laugh it hurts my chest.

So, Percy clenching his chest, trying not to laugh at my doofus husband finally admits that he's going to call his doctor when he gets back to the office.  Gee, that's a great idea Percy.


jennifer h said...

I laughed out loud when I got to the end of this. Funny.

cndymkr said...

Poor Percy. How did the old guy do? And your husband? He probably had chest pains at the end of the day!!

KellyJean said...

So... is Percy still with us? Yikes... I didn't really find this one funny because I knew someone who had a heart attack while driving and DIED. You tell Clay that the next time something like that happens he'd just better demand to drive!!! Well, unless he's got a GREAT life insurance policy and he hasn't gotten that camera cord yet...

Oh... and my husband is Percy like in that when someone is driving slow he speeds up so I can tell him if the person is Asian or not. Sorry to any Asians that just read that.

april said...

Percy is still with us, I made sure I checked to see if he was okay before I posted this.

Kellyjean- I agree, when Clay was telling me about it I didn't think it was funny either. I told him he should have insisted on driving because I can't afford to loose him!