Sunday, January 27, 2008

This is for Eugene....I mean You, JEAN!

Here's our puppy, Preacher, minding his own business, chewing on a rawhide.  It's mighty tasty.
And here are my boys, uh, chewing on Preacher.  He's mighty tasty.

Jean, this is for you.
That's Pupanese I'm speaking, in case you've never heard that language before.  You think that's gross?  You should hear me talk to a baby.  It's sick, sad and people are embarrassed for me.


Donna said...

He looks a lot like my Sadie.

hope4grace said...

you just reminded me that I'm doomed. See once we finally bite the bullet and purchase our first house, post military we have promised the kids a dog........I'm cringing now.....they want a yapper, happy stupid dog. Sigh....but I love the name preacher.

Rechelle said...

I am just wondering if maybe you could have shot that film outside... in the dark... around midnight... so that it could be even harder to see what is going on. Now line those babies up and kiss them all down the row for me.

april said...

Well Rechelle, I tried it in a cave first, so the lighting in the living room seemed down right blinding.

Now you go give those babies big hugs and kisses from me and tell them when I see them we'll make some precious memories together.

Lori Shaffer said...

You haven't heard REAL Pupanese until you've heard Joel Montgomery tell his "Wittle Wacy Wu" that "we don't tawk dat way to momma, now do we? No, no no..." Sappy, sappy jibberish that made your little spiel sound as intelligent as a valedictorian address at Thomas Jefferson Prep School!!

LOL, Rechelle! I couldn't even see the dand Preacher...hopefully Jean already knows what he looks like!

Lori Shaffer said...

That's "dang" Preacher....

april said...

Oh, Lori, that's is good stuff. Good ol' Joel.

cndymkr said...

I had many, many thoughts as I read this post.

Thought 1 - Wow, she knows someone with my fathers name.

Thought 2 - Wow, she knows someone with my name.

Thought 3 - Shit, she's talking about me! Shit.

So, yes, I am named after my father (guess he really, really wanted a son). And yes, I've heard the Hygiene vs Hi Jean before. It was a favorite thing during Health class in school. Good times. So I guess this means no pottery for me, huh? Oh well, I'll keep trying. You made me laugh and cringe today (not necessarily in that order). Thanks!!!

PS: Tell your family I said thanks and Hi right back at them. And Preacher too.

april said...

Hey Jean!

I was wondering when you were going to stop by and see I posted just for you. I take my reader's comments very seriously.

Don't worry, I'm sure I'll want to purge some of my pottery soon, and I'll give you all first chance at it.