Friday, January 18, 2008

This That Those and These


The new camera plug cordy thingy is nice, but when I plug it into my computer it puts all my photos in some weird Adobe thing and I can't figure out how to get them from there to my pictures folder.....sigh, I hate learning new computer crap.

Updates on my hoping for this year;

-I started my pottery class.  The studio is huge, awesome and freaky clean.  It's at the local arts center.  My teacher, Jessica, is a young kid that likes to eat sushi.  She taught me how to make a plate because I want to make a bunch of pretty platters for appetizers.  

-I'm 85% done with scraping the wallpaper off the dining room walls.  But, it ain't done til it's done!

-My parents are showing their house this weekend (fingers crossed very tightly).  Please sell, please sell, please sell.

-I'm reading Betty MacDonald...still.  And I have to start reading a book about St. Augustine for my Sunday school class, but I haven't bought it yet.  My teacher, who's the chaplain at KU and K-State specifically instructed us not to put off our readings until early Sunday morning and I'm pretty sure he was looking right at me when he said that.

And that's it.  I'm still not exercising and have no immediate plans to cause myself any pain or discomfort.  It's too cold to talk about the garden or new critters.

I'm going to try to attend an auction in a little town south of me and they have a great little feed store that carries poultry year round, so, maybe, I'll stop by there and check out there selection.  Mostly because I need something to show-and-tell on Tuesday.  I take my kids to a homeschool co-op every Tuesday and this month one of the classes is about birds.  I was volunteered to help teach this month so I figure, bring little birds...done.  This week I took in a nest and in every class there was at least one little kid that could not say nests, instead it came out nestus.  It took all my will power not to imitate them.

Which reminds me.

Why do my kids put uh on the end of all there words when they are whining?

I'm late-uh.  
Mom-uh,  I'm gonna be late-uh!

It makes me want to reach in there mouths and pull out there eplongataloid and shove it up their nose-uh!


Cynthia said...

eplongataloid ?

I looked it up on dictionary dot com cause I didn't want to be a dummy. But I am a dummy cause I don't know what that is...

april said...


I'm talking about the epiglottis, but in my family we like to rename body parts.

Breasts- breasticles

ears drums- earballs

fingers- tenders

toes- tooters

elbow- rainbow

epiglottis- eplongataloid

P~ said...

I don't know if this will help your photo problem, but when you connect your camera "Thingy" to your computer, do you get a pop-up that askes how you want to handle the items? I get this, and it used to default to an adobe program called something like "Photoshop Album" that came bundled with some other software, probable with your camera. You should be able to look under either My documents or C:/Program Files/Adobe/ for a folder that contains your images. I would move them to your My Pictures folder and then get rid of the Adobe application. It is nuisanceware if you didn't purposefully install it. Feel free to email me if you still have problems, I'll be happy to help if I can.

Rechelle said...

April - I thinkuh your reaction to your kidsuh adding the uhuh on the enduh of their wordsuh is a little over the topuh. Are you offuh your medsuh againuh?

Anonymous said...

When my kids say, "no-uh", my husband breaks out singing, "Noah, Noah, He built the ark." I'm not sure which is more annoying, the hubby or the kids.

Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

You should try Picasa for your pictures. The picts download directly there by date and you can transfer them to My Pictures but you won't want to. It is a very neat program and is free.

Cynthia said...

I'm glad you explained. I might have misunderstood tooters if you used it in a post.

It might have been really bad say if you had said, "I was chasing Levi and got him down and started pulling his tooters."

Yes, I might have misunderstood.

And been shocked!

Them Country Folk: said...

We're considering buying a home with wallpaper we don't like. The home is perfect but for the wallpaper. Which is in every room. All three bedrooms, the parlor, the living room, and the dining room. How much of a pain is it to remove it?

John and Nancy said...

I just discovered your blog the other day via your sister's blog which I found via Pioneer Woman. Anyhow, your blog and your sister's blogs are great and make me want to move to a small town in Kansas. I noticed that you had a link to Babette's Feast. She was/is a great blogger. Did you read her original blog - Belle on Her Toes? It was very inspirational, but she decided to spend less time blogging. Just a note to say Hi.

KellyJean said...

I didn't realize you were still homeschooling some of your kids! I loved homeschooling! I had so much fun when they were little.

We had no plans to homeschool and... well, felt homeschoolers were freaks. But, our oldest is dyslexic and we fell into it. We homeschooled her for 2nd grade after her 2nd grade teacher told us she wasn't ready... after being promoted... and wanted to put her back into first several weeks after school started. We were horrified. She also suggested that she had a learning disability. We weren't ready to hear that. So, we entered freak world so I could fix it. Within a couple of months, I could not deny there was something wrong. We took her to another state to be tested (we were in MS and I wasn't impressed with what was available) and learned exactly what the problems were. Our speech pathologist urged us to put her on meds (for ADD) and to re-enroll her in second grade at the start of the new year. She felt she would do better in school. So, we did.

Two years later, for many reasons, we pulled all three kids out of school and began homeschooling. Our girls were starting 4th grade and our son 1st. I homeschooled my son 1-6 grade. The girls, 4th and 5th and then put them back in school for 6th. I was freaking out about the math. That was a bizarre year where we were so far outside the box... we were homeschooling one, had one in a very expensive private school for kids with learning disabilities, and one in public school. We moved at the end of that year and brought the girls back home for 7th thru 11th. So, I homeschooled every grade 1-11th.

Hmmmm. That was a very long and informational reply. I'm obviously procrastinating. Hope you work the camera thing out. I want to see your platter!

Natalie said...

My four year old calls my now-empty breasts 'breastus' as in "Momma, I want to hug your breastus!" or "Momma, I want to lay my head on your big squishy warm breastus!"

P~ said...

Ever get that camera working?