Monday, January 28, 2008

Let me see you mop it!

How to make your husband run and grab the camera.
1. Get a mop 
2. Need I say more.

This is my life.  I had just mopped the freakin' floor when in trots Clay, the kids and the dog tracking in mud and salt on my still wet floors.   I stood there, with mop in hand thinking to myself, should I hit them all upside the head with the mop or should I just go clean up the mess?

Clay looked at my stone cold face and said, "What?  What's wrong?"

Gah!  I snarled my lip at him, then stomped over to the muddy tracks and did my little mop jig. 
Ever since this little episode Clay has been pestering me to post the mop dance on my blog.

Because I have no dignity left and you all have come to expect this type of behavior from me, I figure what the heck, right?


cndymkr said...

Hearing you laugh as you mop was great.

Rechelle said...

I... I... I thought I wrote the stupidest blog in the history of blogs, but you beat me with that one.
As long as you're not beating me with the mop... Are you gonna put on your toe shoes next?

Now line those babies up for me and kiss them all down the row. One two three four. Line them up! Are you lining them up?

Stephanie said...

Mopercize...could be a new trend...looks like you were having fun...
Between DH, 2 boys, 2 dogs and 3 cats my floor is in a constant state of YUCK! within minutes of cleaning someone comes along and UGH!! it's a mess again..maybe if I try your dance and Laugh it will be OK

Debbie said...

Here is my trick for keeping the floors clean. Lock all outside doors (and I have a stupid lot of them) except the one that opens onto a floor that is acceptable for creatures and people to walk upon. Then yell at them to take there shoes off (no matter where you are in the house). Voila! Clean floors;)

Pamelotta said...

You just did what is known in our house as a "gripey dance." My husband and kids do gripey dances behind my back until I feel like there's something really weird going on and turn around and yep, it's another stinkin gripey dance.

They're the kind of dances that you can't do for very long before you even embarass yourself and have to stop.

Yep, that was definitely a gripey dance.

lori said...

omigod, you kill me! i don't come over here often enough these days, but when i do, i am so throroughly entertained!

thanks for the laughs!

(i'm gonna have to try that mop trick. 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 DH, and one DD aren't doing my floors any favors!)