Saturday, April 14, 2007

Roomba Zoomba

My sister drove to St. Louis from her small existence in Kansas to become certified as a Zumba instructor. Now I can't stop chanting, "Zoomba-zooomba-zoomba-roomba-boomba".

She told me I would love to Zumba, if I could stop laughing long enough to concentrate on the moves. Zoomba-zoomba-zoomba-roomba-boomba.

She wants to start teaching classes in her small town and I asked what she would call the class. "Will you call it Zoomba Boomba? " No. "Will you change your name to Roomba so you can call it Zoomba with Roomba?" No. "Well, just Zumba doesn't sound like much fun. I think you should call it Put Some Boomba in Your Roomba with a Bit of Zumba!" No.

She takes this Zumba stuff pretty seriously


Anonymous said...

Your title for her class sounds like a Dr. Seuss book. :)

Melissa Burke said...

April!!! You need to finish registering on HK. You have to go to the main page and read all the steps. You have to email with the things it asks you for. :) Hurry up! Jennifer, Mandy, and I are just dying for you to get on. LOL

Anonymous said...

Don't do it April! This HK group sounds like a cult trying to suck you in :)

Mylinda said...

Ok, this isn't about the Zoombah or whatever. :-) It's about your post on the kids' futures. I was out of town and missed your blogs, so making up,I read them all since I left. Anyway, I never tire hearing about the antics of your Levi, since mine is so similar. I cracked up about the incarceration and even more about the sharpie. While on vacation to Disney World, my Levi found the purple sharpie in my purse and graffitied himself all over his knees (Since that was all he could reach while in the stroller!!). Thanks for reminding me that my Levi isn't the only crazy 2yo. out there!!

hope4grace said...

I can't believe I am that bad of a woman that I didn't know what zumba was.... no wonder my diets don't work!