Monday, April 16, 2007

Look what I'm married to...

"Hi Michael, how's Caroline and the girls?" I say to my husband when he has major poofy head, but has shaved off all his facial stubs.

"Hi Barry, wannna disco?" I say to my hubbabubba when he grows out his beard and unbuttons the top fifty five buttons of his light blue satin disco shirt, yeah baybee!

"Hi Nick" I say breathlessly to my hotband when he slicks back his hair and sports a goatee.

"Kramer! You idiot!" I yell at my husband when he slides across the kitchen floor in his socks and crashes into me or pretends to break his nose on the closet door that I just opened in his face.

He's a versatile man. A veritable chameleon. A comedic genius and a gentle soul. A disco rock star and and a delicious dish.

And I get to live with it...I mean him.


Crunchy Chicken said...

You forgot to mention what you call him when he's sporting an afro.

"Yo, Jules! Stop scaring small children to death and go get me a Royale with Cheese."

april said...

AHHHH! Your right I forgot, and he looks so much like him!