Thursday, April 26, 2007

Brought to you by the letter J or E or A, maybe G.

Me- It's J. It sounds like this juh-juh-juh. J. Say it.

Ike- J

Me- What?

Ike- J

Me- What does your middle name start with?

Ike- J

Me- What does Jacky's name start with?


Me- Okay, let's write the letter J and say it four hundred bazillion more times, and color a picture of it, and sound out a dictionary worth of words that start with J.


Me- Yes, that's very good. Now let's do you're alphabet flash cards starting with this one (holding up a flash card that Ike made with J's stamped all over it). What's this?

Ike- D, no no it's not, it's E, no no A?

God, help me please.


jennifer said...

Evangeline can read now, but when I was homeschooling her in K, I thought she never would. She would spend30 minutes with me correctly sounding out short words like cat. Then we would look at a book with short words. We would be cruising through the words, SAM, BOB, DOG, then we would come to a page that had the word HOT, and she would say, "hamburger." Hmmmmmmmmm . . . .

Rechelle said...

Honey - have you considered an intervention? Maybe Isaac needs Jack to homeschool him...

Robbyn said...

I'm laughing!

My daughter had problems with some of her letters when we first started homeschooling years ago. It was my first time homeschooling.

I was overeager for her to learn...everything.

Never, ever, ever, try getting a preschooler to learn French and Spencerian penmanship before they can even read. Nuff said...

Oh yeah, good news...she is 18 and does NOW know what a J is...

Keep the hope ;-)