Monday, April 02, 2007

Plain's People

Spring break is over. weep, sniff, sniff.....I'll be okay...

Yesterday, I was looking through the housing classifieds for the third time, just in case I missed something, I know, I'm hopeful, and I spied a little old farm house for sale with some acreage.

"Hmmmm",I said to myself, "probably forty minutes from here like all the others I've found, but why does that road sound so familiar?"

I tossed the paper in the trash, mostly because a bug ran across it and I screamed and screamed and then took a breath and screamed some more. Geeeeesh! Then I headed to my computer to do my daily search on . Do you see a pattern here? Think I might ever end this madness? No? Yeah, I know, puh.

Anywaydeehadyhooooo, I looked up that sweet little farm house and what do you know, I knew where it was and I'd been there before. I'm beginning to think I've covered every possible road in a fifty mile radius of my house.

I loaded up my two year old and decided we'd drive to take a looky at that property again. When I got there I pulled into the drive. Behind me sat an enormous white barn and in front of me, as far as these old eyes could see, were green fields speckled with cattle. My heart swelled, my eyes got misty and I found myself unable to move. I sat behind the wheel gulping in the green, open space. I traced the horizon with my finger. I shaded my eyes from the setting sun.

When I was jolted back from my daydreaming by the toddler's complaints in the backseat, I headed home.

I told my husband about the enchanted fields I had found and explained that the property didn't have any woods. He was immediately hooked to my description and we found areal views of the property that we stared at for a long, long, long time, then he said, "We really are Plain's People". I know.


Crunchy Chicken said...

So.... whatcha going to do about it?

JJRiding said...

Was this a dream segment or was this for real? Yes, let us know what the next chapter is. And by the way or BTW, I agree about the end of spring break---I am really boo hoo-ing. Joanie

april said...

Well, I'm gonna do a lot of dreaming about it, until something or someone tells me it's out of my grasp....but until then I'm working on loan approval, just in case.

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh My Word -- I thought you were going to tell us that it was a house for the AMISH. Plain People - no electricity... LOL

I'm a dope!!

Well -- I thought that because we got alle excited about a house -- drove out there -- hmmm... no wires... is that??? is that an outhouse? Oh man-- I'm NOT that submissive!! Ü LOL