Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Dream House

Last night I dreamt that we built our house. The land we found was nestled between the interstate and an industrial plant. I went to check the progress of the house and the contractor had taken it upon himself to build an A-Frame. I told him this is not what we wanted and he told me something about a second story being too difficult for him to build, but maybe he could do it later.

As I stood in the dusty yard with the looming shadows of smoke stacks belching forth the days duty, I looked at the ill contrived house I was going to inhabit. I had begun my mental process of tearing out a wall and adding this or that, just trying to come up with a design for a shed dormer or something, anything, God this can't be happening. Then the media came.

Yep, I said the media. Apparently, our house had started quite a buzz around whatever town we were in. You know, living in the median of an interstate highway is just what the ten o-clock news needs to boost some ratings. They were snapping photos and a helicopter was spotlighting the, the, the Thing that I was going to call home. Then the sales lady stopped by.

Yep, a sales lady with a four inch binder busting with fabric samples and glossy photos. I saw her mouth moving and watched her gesture towards the Thing. I looked at the pictures, I glanced at the open front door of the Thing and finally comprehended what she was attempting, "Are you trying to sell me furniture?" I sneered "Do you realized I have four children that will destroy everything in that book? And, I'm gonna be living in that, and you think I have the money to buy furniture?!" I yelled pointing my accusing finger at the Thing. Then I woke up and decided I spend waaaaaay too much time thinking about houses.


hope4grace said...

See this is why I'm too scared to even think about buying a house. We've gotten used to military housing, and now, well we're renting cause we're chicken.... this is exactly why I'm scared. Oh this and "Money Pit".

Rechelle said...

Oh dear April - tis only the beginning...

Babette said...

A-Frames are very popular in the Pacific NW. They blend in well with the mountains.

The St. Louis Symphony! Thank you for sharing that, April. Chickens in the day and high culture at night!

Restorative yoga at bedtime keeps the nightmares at bay. ;~)

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

I thought you were going to post a photo of your sister's house or someting.

My word... what a dream. No more chocolate before bed time for you young lady!!

Joanna said...

Hi April,

Your writings make me laugh out loud - I love them!

Also - You are tagged!

You have to share 7 things about yourself and 7 blogs you like to visit.
I look forward to finding out even more about you!
Have fun!
Joanna in Australia