Sunday, March 25, 2007

Whatcha Want?

I constantly have stories that I'm retelling in my head. I don't always get them written down, but I thought if you all wanted to hear some, then I'd be more motivated to get them out of the dense forest that is my brain.

Whatcha wanna hear 'bout?

Kelly, my first boyfriend....he had a mole like Marilyn Monroe.
Where's my grater!? Another Carmen and April Classic
Recent happenings around The Big Baby Ruth....this includes bodily harm, murder and a natural disaster.

Okay? If your at all interested in promoting more fodder on this sight, leave a comment and vote for what you want to hear about and I'll scribble up a bit on which one gets the most votes before the week is done.


Jandy said...

Murder! I vote for murder. (I'm a horrible person.)

GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

I've just become a regular visitor to your blog, April, and to tell you the truth, you have such a way with words I'd read just about anything you write. I love your posts. I'm a mom of 4 (now grown), 2 grandsons and I live in the past in my mind. You could have been me 30 years ago. I love the stuff you write and have linked your blog on mine. My blog is mostly cardmaking, but the title is Barb's Card Creations & Other Stuff. Come and visit me, please at
Keep up the good work!

JJRiding said...

I vote for the Big Baby Ruth stories first, then the grater and if you have to talk about Marilyn Monroe mole via your first boyfriend, then save it for a slow day (sorry--I think MM was way over rated). Joanie

Joanna said...

I vote for the grater story. Your other Carmen stories have been so funny!