Friday, March 16, 2007

A book should follow soon after my death

I found an envelope sweetly decorated lying on the top of the stairs that said, 'Open right away!'. Inside was a colorful hand decorated card. Inside the card was a typed poem.

My Mom
Her hair is blond her eyes are blue
She is soft and kind only on the best of days
The other days she is a whirling twirling Major wind storm

She's a master at making you Guilty
Even if it's about the smallest thing
Maybe the reason for all her yelling is the treats she receives afterwards

It began with an Enormous heart shaped pillow
Next it was breakfast ready on the table
Which was quickly moved to the bed
Even a surprise mini party

We will never know exactly
but we do know that these special treats
usually only take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

I think the book about me written by my children will be on the shelves the day after I take my last breath.


Cmommy said...

April, Hi! I had lunch with your dear friend today; next time, you must join us!

Inkling said...

Now I've got it figured out....scary, I know. I do know your family, for your two eldest attended the same place where I taught 5th & 6th grade for a short time. I well remember your eldest son, though he was just a first grader when I first met him. His teacher and I were good friends, and I loved recess duty when it was my turn to be with the younger ones. You have some extra special kiddos, that is for certain. I'm still smiling at some of the recess discussion memories.....

(hope this isn't too specific. If it is, just delete it. I won't be offended.)