Sunday, March 25, 2007

I curse muddy shoes and baseball!

After I had a terse conversation with my two oldest sons and my husband about taking off their
Godblessamerica muddy shoes before they come in the house and threatening to put a couch, t.v. and all of them on the front porch to live out the remainder of their days so they can contentedly wear their Godblessamerica muddy shoes wherever they darn well please.....

I see my husband walking across the muddy yard in his white socks and then entering the house!

Me- What are you doing?!

Him- (startled) Uh? What?

Me- You have on your socks!

Him- Well, you made me take off my shoes and I didn't have time to put them back on. Have you seen my baseball cap?

Me- Why?

Him- I have to take Seth to baseball practice.

Me- Are you taking Ike?

Him- No, I won't have time to watch him.

Me- You are not the coach.

Him- Uh, yeah, I'm one of them.

Me-No, your not.

Him- Honey, don't be difficult. Look, I'm taking my muddy shoes with me and did I tell you that you have on pretty shoes? They make you look pretty.

Me- They look pretty because they aren't muddy!

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