Saturday, June 24, 2006

Disorganized Thoughts

Thanks for the comments on my ramblings about house and home. MJ I do agree with you. If we lived in a mud hut it would still be home because that's where we would all be. I failed to mention some stuff like the whole tax consequence of renting and blah blah blah. So yesterday, I dug my heels in and decided to just look at my surroundings and let God lead me, oh and I bought a new laundry basket, toothbrush holder, two pillows, table cloth, napkins and sparkley napkin ring holders and felt much better. Because I am an American woman and shopping is a cure all.

Today I have plans to paint some shelves for Ellen's room, rebunk the boys beds to make room for a little tot tot to move into the boy's room and clean out the office.

The past two days I went through every drawer, closet and cupboard and collected stuff to give away. Goodbye, tah-tah junk. So I'm feeling much more organized and therefore have a renewed spirit about this turd...ooooh I mean house.

I have a new post up about siblings at Larger Families, go check it out.

It's a beautiful Saturday, you all have a sweet weekend.

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Mom2fur said...

It sounds like you bought some nice little treats for yourself! Did you get the painting and re-bunking done? :)