Thursday, June 15, 2006

Because in this family we talk about it.

Everyday or maybe a couple times a day I get the call. Sometimes I run, sometimes I stall, sometimes I pawn off the call to others. How much longer will the call continue? I decided it was time to ask.

Ike- Mom?! I'm done! Will you wipe my bottom?

Me- Ike, when do you think you'll start wiping your own bottom?

Ike- When I'm big like a daddy.

Me- I think you should think about learning before then.

Ike- Does daddy wipe his bottom?

Me- Yes

Ike- Does Sethy wipe his bottom?

Me- Yes

Ike- Does you?

Me- Yes

silence, pondering

Ike- Well, maybe yesterday I'll wipe my bottom.

Me- Okay, sounds like a good plan.

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