Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wisdom and Maturity

I can't believe more of you don't have anything to say about my "mud on the tires" blog, but okay..I'm not in the least bit concerned. Pardon me while I wipe another tear from my cheek and catch the snot dripping onto my keyboard.

A typical conversation between the two adults in my house;

A-(sniffing like a hound dog around herself) I smell something bad and something good.

C- Are they both me?


C- You should blog that.

A- What? That I smell something bad and good?

C- No. What I said.

A- But, you wouldn't have said it, if I wouldn't have asked.

C- I'm still funnier.

A- Yes, and you're still a bigger...

C- Honey, don't say something your going to regret.

A- Moron.

C- Oh, now honey, you didn't have to go and..

A- Remember the time I accidentally threw the t.v remote at your nose?

C- (does slow motion action of remote crashing into his nose)

A- We don't want to repeat that, do we?

C- What would people think if they heard our conversations?

A- That I'm right and your wrong.

C- April, you're only hurting yourself.

A- I think I'm gonna hurt.....

C- No. Nip it.

C & A- (wrestle ruthlessly)

A- (in her most pathetic whine) Ouch! That hurts! Stop! You're gonna give me a bruise!

C- (holds up his index finger and crooked pinky finger) You mess with the bull, you get the horns.

A- Look at your crooked finger! (holds her finger in a bent fashion mocking C) Dur! Hur! Hi, I'm Clay with the deformed finger! You mess with me and I'll give you a crooked pinky horn!

C & A- (look at the bent finger and commence to hysterics)

C- We're stupid.

A- I know. What's that smell? I think it's me!


clay said...

I sound like an idiot...

april said...

Well? It takes one to know one....or be married to one.

Anonymous said...

That's it. I'm getting a new deacon-buddy. You're a dork.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that y'all wrestle. This conversation was a hoot.
-- annie :)

moe said...

Oh to be young and in love...