Friday, May 12, 2006


Isaac vs. Mom

I- Where's that thing?

M- What thing?

I-That thing I was playing with, you know?

M- I don't know what your talking about.

I- Yes you do, that thing with the thing on the top....the Thing.

M-Honey, telling me Thing is not helping me understand what your looking for.

I- Errrrrrr! I'm talking about THE THING! Oh, there it is!

M- (scoops out another handful of dead brain tissue)

Seth vs. Mom

S- Mom, do you know what Americans use for chopsticks?

M- (standing at the counter with a fork in my hand) Uh, a fork?

S- Nope. These. (holds up his fingers in scissor fashion and begins to eat strawberries with his American chopsticks)

M- But, Americans use chopsticks for chopsticks.

S- Mom, Americans do not use Americans for chopsticks.

M-That's not what I said.

S- You can't pick up two people and start eating with them. (motions picking up a huge person to hold like a chopstick)

M- (not appreciating the humor of the situation) Seth! I said Americans use chopsticks for chopsticks!!! (flicks the oozing brain cells from her ear)

Levi vs. Mom

L- (complaining from his highchair)

M- Do you want to get down?

L- Noah. (sweet way of saying his one

M- Do you want some more to eat?

L- Noah, noah.

M- Do you love your Mommy?

L- Noah, noah, noah, nooooah.

M- I asked for that, didn't I?

L- (nods his head yes)

M-(wipes away the last drops of intelligence from her forehead)

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