Friday, May 19, 2006

Summer 2006

Summer is upon me. Here is my list of things I've been thinking about doing.

READER BEWARE: There may be some abbreviated cursing in this list. My adult rule is that if the word is in the bible it's okay to say.

1. Organize the God in Heaven above help me I can't walk through the damned garage. A lil' blaspheme to my husband and son who dropped their mud-encrusted, paint-ball clothing at the threshold of the garage door over a freakin' month ago as I proclaimed, "I. Am. Not. Going. To. Deal. With. That!" and apparently they have decided it will be a cold day in hell when they deal with it too. Serenity now!

2. Paint my bedroom furniture. No, not the estate sale fodder in my bedroom, I'm talking about the furniture that I've had since I was in second grade. I think my parents bought the entire collection. The only piece I don't have at my house is the headboard. The pieces that are scattered in various rooms of my house are; desk with hutch, chair, three drawer dresser with hutch, long six drawer dresser, high boy six drawer dresser, mirror and night stand. Why did I have this much furniture? It has served my family well over the years, unfortunately it's very girlie for a family with three boys and we have never been able to fit all of it in Ellen's room and for the love of all that is holy she will never own enough clothing to fit in all those drawers! Scary thing is that I did own enough clothing as a child to fill all those drawers and a walk-in closet. Let's say it together, "gluttony".

3. Start an exercise program. What's so funny?

4. Finish reading Gilead. Why am I so NOT interested in this book? I've been reading it a couple pages at a time, in the bathroom no less, for about five months.

5. Finish reading Garrison Keilor's book.

That's it. A list of five tasks that I could complete in a few days. Well, except the exercise bit.


Mel said...

I abandoned "Gilead." I wanted to love it, but halfway through, I just quit.

Anonymous said...

I liked "Gilead" but thought that I would have enjoyed it more had I read it all in a couple of sittings, rather than here and there for months. I think that I'll read it again.

What color are you thinking about painting that furniture?
-- annie :)

april said...

So maybe Gilead was on the NY Best Sellers for so long because people were buying it, but they weren't really reading it.

I think I'm going to play it safe and go with white. Then I can get new knobs of any color to liven it up a bit.

mj said...

Gilead is good. You can read it in snatches, and that's ok. But if you ever get 3-4 hours to yourself, it would be an enjoyable read all at once.

Have fun painting your furniture. When you're done, you can come and paint mine!

melanie said...

I've never heard of Gilead, but a really awesome book is "The Crown and the Crucible". I think that's my favorite book yet.

Have you heard of "At Home in Mitford"? It's about old people living in a small town. You would love it.

april said...

Yes, I've acutally read the entire Mitford series and really enjoyed it. Totally my kind of read, small town, lots of talk about gardening and food, God loving people.

Anonymous said...

It might be your garage, but it is my basement. It is where everything goes if you don't know what to do with it. I quit homeschooling several years ago and I still have stuff there. Also I teach biology/life science at Wildwood and my basement has contained critters in smelly solutions. If they weren't dead it looked like a mini-zoo. My summer project is always "clean the basement". I think I will go to the art museum instead. Joanie

Anonymous said...

I really liked Gilead. I think parents always have something to say, so it seemed like a good idea if you were going to die you would want to leave instructions to your child and leave a piece of you behind.

I also loved the Mitford series. I wanted to go live in that place and be with those wonderful characters. Maybe we have our own Mitford towns--just different names and probably some real characters. Joanie