Sunday, May 14, 2006

Two line bio and a picture to go please.

So, I'm in this group of elevenish women that desperately need to write about their lives and need others to validate them by leaving lots of comments. I'll put a link to the group when it officially starts, you know just like I put up the links to all the other blogs I read on the right, all two of them: edit and edit. The leader has asked for a two line bio and picture from all the members.

blink, blink, still drawing a blank as to what I need to say for a two line bio, no creative juices flowing, blink, blink

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

A picture? Seriously? I feel this will be a huge undertaking in which children will be involved and at least 30 minutes of make-up and hair styling.

How 'bout this?

Good Wife, Good Mom
Good God, Good Life

maybe I should put God first

Good God, Good Wife
Good Kids, No Dog

change the rhyme pattern?

Four Kids, No Dog
Good Wife, Thank God

or this?

Good Woman, Good Man
Two Cats, Four Brats

too harsh? okay.

One Woman married to One Man
Raising four kids on some lan(d)
phbbt didt a phbbt (this is my attempt to do the microphone rapper gigahoo)

maybe one of these?

There once was a girl with long hair that was yellow
She married a tall, funny, red-headed fellow
They had four kids
And flipped their lids
And dance around shaking their hineys like jell-o

What do you think? Good? No? I'll keep working on it.


Anonymous said...

I totally love the last one. :)
-- annie

Robert said...

Those are all good. ROTFL...

wendy said...

These are hilarious! :-)

melanie said...

I like the no dog, thank God one and also the jello one too. However, Clay has no jello on him whatsoever. I'm thinking back to our biggest loser game the four of us did and Clay had a whopping two pounds to lose to reach his ideal weight.

(To fill in anyone else who reads these blogger comments, after April had Levi and wanted to lose the extra weight, she made me, Bryan and Clay go on a diet with her. The losing couple team was supposed to clean the other couple's garage out and do other things that I can't remember right now, but I do remember that April made up the entire list of loser things to do and didn't let me add anything to her list. Good thing we dropped that game because I've since had Jacob and weigh WAY more than I did at our "weigh-in", and the two of you are skin and bones now that you've cut out sugar and Clay's cut out fatty foods!)

april said...

Do we need to do another big loser for you? You can come clean out my garage anytime, I'll watch the two little Carter Critters.

melanie said...

No. You guys would win at the first weigh-in.

No. Your garage smells like cat pee.

Mel said...

Personally, I like "two cats, four brats." ;)

Everyday Mommy said...

OKAY! I'm in LOVE with your blog! You're going on my blog roll...NOW!

puertas metalicas cortafuegos said...

Little doubt, the dude is totally just.