Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I told the kids that I was in the office working and they had to practice piano, do memory work, fold laundry and watch the little ones. Muhaw haw haw!

This weekend or last weekend, hmmm, you know the one we just had? Anyway, it was so great. Why? Because...

1. I got the front walkway landscaped and it looks sooooo much better than the railroad ties that lined the front. I dug them up and used them in the garden.

2. We finally broke down and bought a lawn tractor and can mow our lawn in like 30 minutes compared to 2-3 days with the push mower. We are inching ever so closer to being the farming family. My next big purchase will be a drum composter, uh huh, one of the big honkin' ones that will make black gold, Texas tea! The next thing ya know ol' Jed's a millionaire!

3. We moved the chickens to their coop and they are all still alive. This is really amazing to me.

4. The kids and I spent all day Monday moving brush and burning it in the fire pit. I'm seriously thinking about starting a little firewood business. We have so many dead trees to cut up. If anyone wants firewood come get it.

5. I started to tame the hill where all the iris, day lilly and forsythia have grown into one big
tangled mess.

It was just a great few days to be outside. I love the gardening torture...sore hands, sore back, black boogers, aching feet, filthy clothes. It's my happy place.

Ellen is destined to be some sort of horticulture guru. After about five hours of working outside we were still raking and hauling leaves and she said, "I like it when we work outside, it makes me fill like I really accomplished something". She begged to work outside yesterday, while it was raining. Geesh! Take a break girl. She loves the tractor more than I do.

Okay, back to work..."Kids? Did you get that laundry done?!! I'm slaving away in here, don't disappoint me!"

Blogger spell check is worthless.

ps. I know I promised pictures of Edna and the garden, but it takes about 15-30 minutes to publish each picture and this Mamma just has no patience for that right now. Stay tuned, I'll do it eventually.


Mel said...

Ah, the old "I have work to do" excuse to blog. ;)

Sounds like you've been extremely productive! Good for you!

Abby said...

April, your life sounds fun :) except the thing about all those kids and already being up and working at 7:30 in the morning. I keep thinking I will be a grown up someday and be able to be somewhat productive before 9am, but it never happens. Kudos to you! Can't wait to have a garden someday- you'll be the gal I call for tips!

melanie said...

Hm, I thought that was just a short term rental home you were living in...

april said...

Now, besides painting Ellen's room, we haven't done anything to the house, but the outside was in desperate need of some TLC and anyone with a wee bit of outdoorseyness would fill the pull to work on the place a bit.

We just can't make the plunge, that building thing eeeeek! Don't you worry your pretty highlighted head, we won't live here forever....or will we?