Thursday, August 07, 2008

Summer of Pain with Coach Clay

This here's your basic Goodmornin' Stretch

The baby begging for his big sister to hold his hand while they run the sprints.
Oldest cousin sweetly offering a hand.
Even though it made him come in last place.
Hippity Hoppity....Clay? Clay? Are you flying?

Uh, yes. I think you are flying!
Prisoner squats or what I like to call 'Gopher Butts'.
Yes, I saw that you can fly.
Spidey Crawl
Dot Drill
Hip Hop with the Dot Drill
Doo Whop with Dots

The man who wants to be the coach for every team his children are involved with. Look, he created his own team for a day. It's Clay's summer of pain camp.

Yes, she's tall 5'8". And she can outrun all those boys wearing ripped up old Rocket Dog sneakers. You go girl!


cndymkr / jean said...

Your daughter is so much like you.

And Clay needs to get a hobby. Torturing his kids is not nice.

I love that you and your sister's kids get along so well.

Jennie said...

Cousins are fun! Coming from a family of 5 girls I must say, that daughter of yours rocks. I understand Daddy Coaches we have one, too.

Swede at Heart said...

Is the Summer of Pain camp still open for registration? I have 3 campers ready to enroll...

Hope4Grace said...

You didn't join in?

Stephanie in Idaho! said...

I want a dad like that! That looks like more fun than you can shake a stick at!

Okay, enough of the dumb euphamisms. I loved the pics. You guys have a great rapport!

Clay's Summer of Pain....ahahahaha

Egghead said...

These pictures are so great. It really captures all the activity going on and your kids and nephews will always remember this. But my favorite is the photo on your last post....looks like afterwards and they do look sweaty and tired.

Jenni said...

Wow, 5'8"? That really puts some perspective on it. I'm probably about the baby's height. You grow 'em tall over there!

Anonymous said...

Glad they're having so much fun; I'm exhausted just lookin' at the pictures!
- Bertie

MrsMama said...

I want Clay to teach me his secret to flying. That would come in handy! Gravity is so not my friend these days...

JackeeG4glamorous said...

Looks like alot of fun, can I come live with you?

Anonymous said...

5'8"? I wanna be 5'8"!

If I come Summer of Pain Camp, will i get taller?

Rhea said...

Great photos! It looks like a bizarre African dance. hehe

And, your daughter rocks! I was the fastest girl in my school when I was in fifth grade and I could beat all the boys in races except one, and he became my boyfriend.