Monday, December 10, 2007

Woman finally caves to society's pressure.

Sorry, no time to post.  Finally, reading Harry Potter.  I put it off until I knew I'd have time.  Right before the holidays seemed like a wise time...puh!

Yesterday, I sat on the couch and read off and on all day.  And no matter how hard I pointed my wooden spoon around the house and said....

accio hot tea
accio blanket
accio Children to bed
accio laundry
accio blueberry muffin

nothing moved for me.  I guess it's a Muggle's life for me.  

By the way, if you haven't jumped on this enchanted band wagon because you try very hard not to buy into the "latest-greatest-thingy", then the nicest thing I can say is, "Get Over IT!"  Go  read Harry Potter and let your kids read it too.

Now, I'm only on page 359, so no discussions about the book, please.  If my family can successfully carry out a gag order for over five months, then I know all you Internetians can do me this itty-bitty kindness.

Okay, back to Harry.


cndymkr said...

You will love this book. Take your time and enjoy it. I've read all of them and the last one tidies it up perfectly.

Cynthia said...

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh...I am no good at secrets. I soooooooo want to tell you what happens, but I won't. Only because I know how great it will be when you get to the end.

HOW did you wait 5 months?

We all had it read in the first week, but that was with sharing the book among the 4 of us that wanted to read it. It was a little touchy sometimes when people forgot to set the timer.

april said...

Well, when it came out I was in the middle of packing our house to move and I knew if I started reading it I wouldn't get anything done. Then we moved and I was busy with getting school started, finding a church, ripping wallpaper off the wall, dealing with termites and let's not forget shucking walnuts.

At first, my kids bugged me relentlessly to start reading it, but after I shot flames out my nostrils at them they backed off a bit. Now, they keep asking me what part I'm reading, then they suck in their breath to keep from saying anything.

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

Hi April, I haven't read the newest HP book yet.

And I'm not going to start it until I read your archives.

Could you do me one little favor? It would be so much easier to read them if you had the monthly links posted in your side bar.

Right now I have to keep clicking older posts.

Pretty please.

I promise I'm not a weirdo stalker person. Really. I just followed over here from your sister's blog. And I need all the laughs I can get. You two are hilarious.

I love your middle name, btw.

hope4grace said...

I've just started book one, I have a ways to go before I catch you, you better be done before I get there!!!!!

Abby said...

see april, what you should do is what i did, stay up until four in the morning reading the first half, and then make your husband take care of the kids all day while you sleep in and finish the second half just in time to make dinner! the thing about this last one is that there really aren't any good stopping points so you might as well just keep going! if you posted this at nine this morning, I'm guessing you'll be finished before you see my comment anyway! and aren't you sad to be finished? i'm still sad there aren't any more to look forward to!

Cynthia said...

I so agree with Abby.

It is so sad to not have another one or 20 to read.

I Heart Harry!!!

Actually, If I was a youngster and picking a HP crush, I would be all over Ron. He is the coolest. Since I am 36 in a few weeks I am all over Snape.

Yes, I said Sanpe. He's a hottie. I also like Bill Nye the Science guy. And one of the Kratt brothers, but I don't know which one. And Colin Firth. And anyone who has ever played Mr. Darcy.

What was the post I am commenting about again?

april said...

I didn't get to finish. We lost power and I fell asleep. Abby, I read the same paragraph about five times and then had to cave.

Cynthia, I'm a Ron fan, he would be my guy of choice. I like the funny, tall, lanky red-heads. However, I would rather be Ginny that Hermione, so I guess that would be a bit sick.

Dawn, beautiful name btw, your wish is my command, I'll work on that right now.